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I finally did it!

I have dreamed of starting a blog for a very long time and finally, here I am!

I have always loved to write. I think I like to write because it feels like I can pour some of what bottles up inside of me, out.

I have always felt like writing allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings in ways that I cannot in conversation.

Writing my story is important to me because my story may be your story too. Your story may be my story.  There are parts of my story that I am just now able to tell, after keeping it buried and only releasing acceptable chapters, for an entire lifetime.

Most of all, I am happy that I took the first step, the hardest step for me, to begin this blog…because I have no idea what I am doing, and I’m going to do it anyway!

My Page will need some editing and updating and probably lots of trial and error, until I figure it all out. I will have to practice until I am proficient and fake it til I make it. I will enjoy putting my  time into this and I am excited to have something to focus my energy on…something for me. Something for me to share with you!

I believe in the good things coming!!

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