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Sherry’s Lesson about staying home sick from school…

Here is a quick Sherry Lesson from my childhood:

Sometimes when I was a kid I would wake up and not feel good and not want to go to school. When my Mom came in to wake me, I would tell her that I didn’t feel like going to school.

Every single time, my Mom said, “Let me look at your eyes”….and either I got to go back to bed or I got to get ready for school…

It took me years to figure out what in the hell that was all about…my eyes…really?

Yes, really. On a good day, my eyes are bright green and sparkly…on sick days, my eyes turn almost gray with a navy blue ring or a yellowish color around my iris…and there is absolutely no mistaking that I am not faking.

I was bullied a lot in school and I think sometimes, I just wanted to stay in the safety of my home and not have to go through all of that pain. So, in retrospect, I guess I was heart sick…heart sick does not make your eyes sick enough to stay home from school…

This is a Sherry Lesson that really resonated with me this morning, as I was up all night sick and wasn’t sure I could make my way out into the world this morning…today, the world needed me and I showed up…

I think my eyes would have passed for Sherry to have let me stay home this morning, but I’m not a kid now and Sherry isn’t here to monitor my eyes anymore…

Sherry wanted me to learn that when I say I will be somewhere, be it school or work….I show up…and I almost always do…and if I really can’t, I’m good saying so, because I know people will believe me because I am telling the truth.

Thank you Mom, for calling bullshit on me at a very young age, so that it did not become the norm for me to escape things by being “sick”…

Thank you Tamara for taking such good care of me. I love you!

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