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Be here now…

I have SO much in my head, just rumbling and bouncing around in there…and words still elude me to articulate exactly, what would best express my feelings.

So, for now, I’m going to set that down and just be thankful…just bathe in being blessed…sit in my blessings and love, love, love the amazing life I have been gifted!

Some days, for the last couple of years, I have been unable to bring myself up out of the hurt to find hope…bring myself out of the ouch to be grateful that I am still here, breathing and crying and hurting…a lot of days, I’ve just been unable…

On this day, I am able…I am so clearly seeing my blessings…I believe in the good things coming!

Saying goodbye to a kindred soul this morning, brought immediate clarity! Be here now! There really is no other time…only now.

What Has happened…has happened. Nothing changes what has happened. Not our prayers, our regrets…our epiphanies…not what we know now…what has happened, has happened.

What will happen…will happen. It is, what it is. It may never happen, whatever “it” is.

We only have this moment. We only have right now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow…we never have, had more than  right now.

Today…I am being here now and this blog entry is about now…just about now…

Now is a beautiful moment, surrounded by beautiful people…loving and loved…musical Medicine…coming together in loss…and loving our way through it…

Finding my smile again…getting new life breathed into my weary little lungs…returning to life again…yes please…I will take some more of that please…

Be here now…love with all you’ve got…let that shit go! Be love…always be love…


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