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Blessed be the Journey Mosley (and his Brother, Jingles)

I have been blogging in my head today and I finally slowed down enough to write…

I am very blessed in my work and I get the honor of being with my clients in their life, and a lot of times, I am there with them when they cross the rainbow bridge.

Today was such a day, with a long time client of mine. He and I actually share the same Birthday, and today, Mosley crossed the rainbow bridge to meet his Brother Jingles.

Mosley and I have a long history together  and he and I have journeyed some amazing paths together. Mosley is a thirteen year old Basset Hound and he was preceded in death by his Brother, Jingles.

Mosley was not at all a fan of massage, when I first met him, and he would refuse to sit still when I came to work on him, even though he needed me very much. Jingles seized the opportunity, and gladly stepped in and took Mosley’s place.

I did what I call, drive by massage, on Mosley, while working on Jingles in between…Mosley was completely non-compliant and was very clear that he did things his way.

When Mosley refused to sit his ass down, I would pick him up (this did not please Mosley at all), and carry him and sit him on my lap and work on him that way. This actually became kind of a game and he would run from me and I would catch him and so on…

Jingles would get his massage and Mosley would howl and go in and out of the doggie door, repeatedly. When Mosley felt like it, he would push Jingles out of the way and get some energy and massage work and then off he would go again.

Mosley was one of my first clients where Reiki really took a front seat to my massage work. Mosley also became one of my mentors for my communication work and one of my very dearest friends.

Today, all of that picking Mosley up and moving him around paid off, as I had to pick him up and carry him home. Instead of fighting me, like he always has, Mosley buried his head in my chest, and we took this long and difficult walk together when the time came, Mosley was laying on my lap, as he crossed over…

Today, I carried Mosley across the bridge to meet Jingles. Mosley was way past his life expectancy, especially for his breed. Like The Velveteen Rabbit, Mosley and Jingles have been loved and cared for very, very well…fur loved off and a million amazing memories with their Mom…love like that and a wonderful life with each other…

I feel them running free together tonight, howling to their hearts content and looking down on all of us, especially their Mom. No pain and no suffering…no cancer…free and howling without a care in the world…

So tonight, as I say my prayers, I thank God for Mosley and Jingles and for their Mom…for all of her faith in me and the work that I do…for allowing me to journey right along side them for a while , for teaching me so much and pushing me to be better. I love you both…blessed be the journey…

My heart is sad tonight…lots of loss and lots of tears today…and my heart is full, so very full, for the amazing beings that trust me with their lives and their journeys to the other side…

I love you Mosley and Jingles and I thank you for trusting me and for all of the amazing lessons you both taught me.

I have no doubt that I will be seeing the two of you around a lot…please tell my Mom that I love her and thank Max and Hannah and Gypsy and Penn for helping Mosley to find his way home…

Blessed be the journey my friends…I love you and I will meet you on the other side…

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