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Changing the way I look at things…the things I’m looking at are changing…

Happy Monday morning to everyone! I have lost track of my days lately, so I thought it was Sunday when I woke up…such as life some days.

I am glad you are here! I struggled a bit to get here this morning myself.

For as long as I can remember, I think I lot. My mind seems to always be going…thoughts pinging off of each other…comparisons and analysis…what if and what the fuck comes up a lot for me lately…

Being in my head has been a survival mechanism for me, as I always felt I needed to be one step ahead, just to survive…so although I don’t need to be up in here as much as I once did, I find myself up here a lot more than I want to be these days.

The view up here is spectacular, for a brief visit. I love it up here as a hideaway or a retreat, just no longer as my primary residence. This shall be my quiet place, henceforth, where I can come and reflect and meditate a bit and then leave. I have decided I don’t want to live here full time anymore.

It has always been a challenge getting up here, through the winding and daunting staircase, only to arrive at such a small and congested space.

Lots and lots of clutter and piles of old journals and pictures. I have pushed all of that against the walls, for many years, only taking time to go through it all a few times, in my entire lifetime.

I think I can safely place the journals in my burn pile. I will gather all of the photos and put them in a safe place, until I am ready to look at them again.

It has been my practice, for many years, to burn, rather than throwing in the trash, things that I choose to release, back into the universe, to be recycled for the highest good for us all.

The curtains are almost always shut right up here…kind of dark and depressing really. I think I will pull them down, for a good cleaning, and when I put them back up, I am going to leave them open.

These windows are going to need some WD40, as I can’t even remember the last time I opened them up and let the breeze blow through up here.

Wow! It already feels so much better up here, with some natural light and a gentle breeze and without any clutter…

I uncovered my favorite chair, with my music and my iPad…and there is a brand new notebook and my favorite bold, blue ink roller pen, all neat and tidy, in my new and uncluttered head space…

Now, for getting down from here…this staircase is treacherous coming up and downright dangerous coming down. I have always dreaded the decent from my head space, via this hideous staircase.

I have just always done, what I’ve always done…uncomfortable, inconvenient, painful…that is how I’ve done it, because that is the way I have always done it, until now…

I have a friend of mine, coming over tomorrow, with his team, and they are pulling the whole staircase, completely out.

After a brief visit up here, to headspace, I decided to replace the winding staircase with a library ladder, to get up, if I need to and to write, only. This ladder should discourage me wanting to go up, unless I really have business up here. Head space really is not a place that I want to be just hanging out…I have amazing spaces, just for that, and this is not it.

I decided to have them put a slide in to come down, from up here. I love slides! I figure that will really encourage me to come back down…and not get stuck in a place that I don’t need to linger…

That feels much better! Addressing the unspoken…medicinal as fuck! I highly recommend it! Purging and cleaning and releasing, that which no longer serves me…I have room…lots of room, in a space I could barely turn around in…

I overthink the shit out of things and I worry and I stress and lose my ground. I have found that this practice knots me all up and increases my heart rate, and so I talk a lot and question everything…in complete nervousness and insecurity…

I created a pattern, out of complete necessitiy to survive…try to find solutions and place as many things as I can in concrete, to keep them stable in the storm, that has been my life…and this practice, not only served me…it also saved my life, and so I am thankful for it and grateful for the many, many lessons it brought to me, throughout my lifetime.

This old pattern no longer serves me and so, on this day, I release, back into the universe, so be recycled, for the greatest good of us all, my habitual visits to head space…

I am finding that, in changing the way I look at this, and writing my own story…a story that I am excited to share with you…my world is changing…and it is fucking beautiful!

Have a beautiful day today and maybe you can change the way you look at something in your life…and write a really cool story, that you want to be in too!

Love, love, love…I believe in the good things coming and I am so thankful for all of the amazing things already here!

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