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Happy Sunday!

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! I hope your day has started out beautifully…

Today has been very reflective for me…and i don’t have much to write about…so this will be a mini-Coral blog…

I am feeling more and more thankful and more and more able to sit in gratitude, instead of spinning out in fear of what I have lost…

We have all lost something that we thought we couldn’t live without, and here we are, living and surviving…and we didn’t think we could…and we are…

We are resilient and we are conditioned to keep going, and so we do.

Coming out of the hole I have been in is scary and the light is pretty bright for my eyes right now…and I am adjusting.

I know there are heavy hearts and sad and hurt hearts and lonely and empty hearts all around me and so I send all of my love and my light, to all of you, to our world.

Happy Birthday Nahko, one day late. Thank you for the healing and clarity and hope that you have brought to my world. Meeting you was such a turning point in my journey. Thank you Ohana.

Love, Love, Love to each of you today and extra love to Tamara and Michele today…I love you both to the moon and back!



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