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The blessings and the curse of being intuitive…

Good evening! I am having a hard day today and so I first want to say thank you to my chosen family for choosing me. I love you Ohana! Thank you!

I made a commitment to myself to blog every day for 365 days and today is a fucking push for sure. Hard, hard therapy…harder day yesterday…and I am intuitive, so I feel it coming, before it comes…

Imagine knowing what was about to happen and it doesn’t happen right then, and sometimes, it has happened right then…and you couldn’t know, because you were not there, and yet, you saw it, like you were there…and then, what you saw, when you saw it, was actually happening…

As an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, that is my God given gift and I am so thankful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As a lover, many times, that has been such a fucking curse…and I have never hated being right more than I hate being right about someone being with someone else, when they are with me. (This is not my current situation).

As a “friend” and as a daughter…as a sister and a friend…knowing the very thing you don’t want to know and not being able to unknow or un-feel it…

My childhood abuse was so horrific that, at times, I had to leave my body, as it was being brutalized, just to survive. I literally came out of my body and hovered above, holding space, until I could safely re-enter so that poor little girl would survive. As I hovered above Sam, I saw and heard and felt and tasted everything that happened to her…broken bones and ripped flesh…I couldn’t stay in or I would have died…

I made a choice…a choice to go back in…a choice I made again yesterday, after horrific pain…I came back in, and today, after a really, really hard therapy…I came back in again…

That is why I believe that I can see the things I see…because I lived a very large part of my life, hovering above myself, watching my world, from outside of my own body, just so I could stay here..

Intuition that has felt very much like a curse has saved my life more times than I can count. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Intuition is my job, and I am grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

On this day, that is all I’ve got…as I feel like I have been run over by a fucking truck…and I am grateful, for I still feel…even after everything, I can still feel and I am grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Good night and I hope you have amazing rest and beautiful dreams…love, love, love…

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