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What if today, we all just gave a shit?

Good morning! I’m on a bit of a soapbox this morning, as I am still hurting and wide open and raw…and truly disgusted…

Do you know that Some day, we are all going to have to wake the fuck up…we are the walking fucking dead…we don’t use our peripheral vision…we are entitled and we are often so insensitive to those journeying next to us…

I just saw a post on Facebook about a teenager, walking in his underwear, on the streets,  tailed by four APD cruisers, and my friend, at least for a bit, and the boys father…and somehow, this poor boy, still managed to get to a bridge and jump, and end his own life.

I do not know the whole story and I don’t claim to, as I avoid the news and newspaper at all costs, to avoid being debilitated by the negativity, violence and sadness all around us.

I know what I just shared with you, and for me, that is enough to wonder what the fuck happened. I mean, he was obviously troubled and hurting and scared, as he was in his underwear, walking in public. Did not one officer, not one other human being, get out of their car and try to talk to him, to hug him, to comfort him?

Who the fuck are we, that we can’t see someone who is obviously broken, and not help?

I cannot, not care. I believe that is my issue…I am always on and I am always open and receiving messages from the universe…and it fucking hurts!

We live amongst many other sentient beings…beings with blood pumping through their veins and a heart that keeps them going…beings with feelings and thoughts and emotions…and yet, we cannot even see them.

We walk right past them, without even seeing them, or caring to see them. I am making excessive use of the word, “we”…because I am guilty too. I have blinders on too…I am working diligently to remove the vail from my eyes…are you?

Had I seen that boy yesterday, maybe I would have done nothing. I may have just kept driving myself, and figured, as I probably ought to, that our police department would get him home safely.

As I said, I don’t know the whole story and I am not ragging on our police department…just more curious, as to how they were there, around him, and he was still able to jump, and end his young life…in only his underwear, I cannot imagine that he was armed, or that he posed a threat…

Anyway, I believe that we all owe it to each other, to keep each other safe, to the best of our ability…to take our job of walking each other home seriously…to love one another, to really, really love one another…and to give a shit…I believe it would be amazing, if we all just gave a shit…about our world, about Mother Earth, about ourselves…about each other…

I challenge myself today, no one else, to really give a shit, like a verb, like it really fucking matters…about someone who can never repay me…someone who just needs someone to see them and love them and give a shit about them…

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day today and if you are hurting, I hope someone that you love deeply, gives a shit, and loves you back, deeply…


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