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Would you choose financial security over true love?

Good morning! My topic today comes from a decision that my girl made yesterday…an offer of financial stability…at a company that has been trying to re-recruit her for years and years…since she left, they have wanted her back.

There was no hesitation…her answer was “no thank you”…and both of our asses puckered for a quick minute…as this offer would have cleared debt, allowed for budgeting…and given some much needed reprieve…

We looked at each other and just embraced…and we were both so happy…because we know we are home here..and her decision is always the same…I choose to be happy, truly happy, living my dream…doing what I really, really love…following my heart…being me…over financial security…

We have both been In jobs where we made really good money, and we have both been heavily recruited to return to our industries. We are grateful and flattered…and those are not our industries anymore…and we are grateful.

True love makes these decisions easy for us, in my opinion. Hondo and Sidney and everyone here would definitely suffer without her daily interaction and touch and care. Tamara would suffer without her daily interaction and the touch and care that this Sanctuary, and all of its residents provide for her.

Love wins. Money comes and goes. Love remains and we can always make more money. We cannot, however, choose money, and the get the same love that we sold out for, for the money.

True love and ignitable passion cannot be subsidized or substituted with money…ever.

People will have you believe otherwise and I am here to tell you that the temporary financial relief that comes, when you chose money over love, will fade. The honeymoon period will be horrifically uncomfortable, because you just sold your fucking soul…

Maybe no one else knows it, and it doesn’t  matter, because you cannot not know it. The smile smeared across your face, outlined in dollar signs, will fade when you have to keep looking at in the mirror. As the smile falls off and falls into the empty hole where your soul once was, every time you ache for what you loved, because you chose what you thought you needed…

That job that you hated for so many years, that you never even got to retire from, because the day before retirement, you found out you were dying…and you did die, two months later, without spending one day doing what you worked your whole life to do…to retire and enjoy your life and your family…I love you Mom…happy retirement in heaven!

What about that loveless marriage that you stayed in, year after year, after tireless year…so that you could have financial security? Are you still in that marriage now, or Wasn’t the money enough to overcome the lovelessness? How financially secure are you now and does it really matter? I mean, all the money in the world cannot replace the love ignited in your very soul, that you doused out with money…

What sets your soul on fire? What ignites the passion and the drive in you? What gives you joy and contentment? What allows your heart to open? Where is your fire?

Whatever answers those questions for you…always do that. Money will fade and people will come and go. You will die and your body will be rendered lifeless and completely useless to you…

You are your soul…your soul is you…and money has nothing on that, and never will.

Don’t ever sell your soul to save yourself and wonder how you lost yourself…

When you really, really choose and believe in the good things coming…when you build it, they will come…

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