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Fear not…

I find that writing is distracting me from my pain, and so I write again today…I also have some inspiring and almost surely, recycled thoughts to share with all of you…

I want to encourage us all to not live in fear, no matter what. There are many things that will knock you on your ass, and fear may drop you faster than most. I believe this to be true because we inflict fear upon ourselves a lot, don’t we?

I have lived most of my life in fear and I do not recommend it, to anyone, ever. Do not allow your power to be taken and do not ever give your power away. Fear will singlehandedly do both of those things for you, and almost instantly.

I do not give a shit who you are, where you have been or what has happened to you…you will only make it all worse by being in fear.

There is no need to fear being hurt…you will be hurt, guaranteed. What if we were all able to just accept that fact, that we will be hurt? Would we be able to fear it less, if we could just accept hurt as a part of life?

What if we took this a step further and we invited fear into our lives? What if we actually sat and prepared a place, a place for the most special dinner guest ever invited to dinner…our own fear…our own pain, invited to our table, and not banished.

What if we embraced our fear and gave space and acknowledgement to our pain? What if we actually listened to our pain…really stop and listen. What is your pain trying to tell you? What about your fears? Do you listen to the messages that your fear delivers to you?

We are literally  bound by our own fears. We are capable of changing that…we are able to rise above it, if we choose to.

We do have the power. I wasn’t sure if you knew that you are powerful, that you are beautiful…that you are love…well you are!

Have a beautiful day and thank you for being here with me again today!


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