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You are the answer to your prayers…and Happy Birthday Sidney!


First of all, Happy Birthday Sidney! You are part of the inspiration for my post little man. The day we brought you home was just the beginning of so many blessings…so, so many blessings…I love you my friend and I’m so glad you chose us for your forever!

Good afternoon! I want to talk about being empathic and what it means in my life. Empathy is a blessing and a curse, a double edged sword, if you will.

Empathy is the ability to see and others. In my case, being empathic is also my inability to not feel others. I cannot, not, feel others.

The way I feel it, we are all the same and all of our pain matters. Morgan’s Pain matters. Your pain matters. My pain matters.

As long as one of us is being held captive, none of us will truly be free.

We have come to accept lies as truth and empty promises as payment made in full. We have been convinced and in some cases, even convinced ourselves, that we are separate, that we are not one. We are one and we are the same and we would be wise to know this…I mean to really, really know this.

What is our purpose in this life? Why are we here? We are here to be of service. We are here to walk each other home. Our purpose in this life is to help them…and if we cannot help them, at the very least, we do not harm them.

Them…us…we…I…you…they…who are we? We are daughters and fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers…we are sons and we are aunts and uncles and grandmothers and grandfathers, grandchildren and orphans…we are pigs and cats and donkeys and ducks and dogs. We are geese and hens and roosters and Bunnie rabbits. We are Orcas and sharks, bees and cows. We are goats and turkeys and we are squirrels and human beings.

We are the collective consciousness, walking around horribly, and in some cases, completely unconscious. We are fucking unconscious if we believe, for even one moment, that we are more or less than anyone else. We are unconscious if we believe that our life has more or higher value than anyone else’s life.

Being empathic is my knowing and my acceptance that we are all the same and we are all equally important. We are here to walk each other home. We are here to be of service. We are here to love and to be loved. I have chosen, for my entire lifetime, to embrace that part of myself…the part of me that sees us all the same.

To see a post on my friends wall that her child was called the “n word”…her child, whom she loves very much, whom I happen to love very much, because although I’ve never met him, I feel and see and know his heart. Her child who is our child…and the child who verbally assaulted him with that filthy word…who is also our child. Our mistake is in not knowing that they are all our children…the hurt kids, the bullies, the kids who get shot and the kids who do the shooting…they are all our children.

People fail to realize that it’s not the word “nigger” or the word “faggot”…the word “dyke”…”freak”…”spic”…it’s not the word “retard”…it’s the hate that allows those words to pass across our lips in the first place.

Hate…these words are born of hate and nurtured and fueled by hate and by ignorance. Ignorance breeds hate and hate is born of ignorance.

Go ahead, take each of these words and say them out loud…add to these words any words that you have been called throughout your lifetime, and say those words out loud.

I will start…dyke, lesbo, carpet muncher, faggot, retard…stupid, nitwit, loser, bush diver, pussy, piece of shit…worthless, no good, uneducated…candy ass, asshole, bitch, cunt…I’m just getting started and you probably are too…and hey, let’s just stop here. All of us, let us just stop here. These words, absent of the hate and venom behind them…are just words. Without the judgement and the intolerance behind the words, words are just words.

We abuse words and we abuse people with words and we are all paying a high, high price for that. We are all paying for these words with the lives of those we love. Haven’t we all lost someone we loved to a violent crime? Haven’t we all known someone who committed suicide? Haven’t each of us, at some point, considered suicide ourselves, because of hate?

Until we truly come to know that we are all the same, we are going to be in prison. Until we know that all children, the troubled and the trouble makers…the bullies and the victims of bullying, they are all our children. We are going to continue to suffer catastrophic loss of life, disease, famine, drought and hate crime after hate crime after hate crime…

We are throwing human bodies in trash cans. We are disfiguring peoples faces with baseball bats, sexually assaulting them and then, after all of that, taking their life from them.

We rape our own wives and fuck our daughters. We make our children suck our dicks and then we send them off to get ready for school, without so much as a Kleenex to wipe their little mouths afterwards. We teach our kids by our example and believe me, they are watching. We take our children to church, to know God and our priests fuck them up their tight little asses. Do we really wonder why we are scared? Is it in question why we are drug induced alcoholics with gambling problems and astronomical debt? Do we really not know that we are the answer, the solution and the cure for all of this?

Well, here is the great news…we are the answer to our prayers. You are the answer to your prayers. I am the answer to my prayers.

I pray for peace and so I must be peaceful. I pray for healing so I must be open to receive healing. I pray for love and so I must be love. I seek to be understood and so I must seek to understand. I pray to eliminate hate from the world and I must start with myself, by eliminating hate from my life. I pray to be free and so I must not hold captive.  I pray to be heard and so I must listen. I pray to be heard and so I must speak.

Being empathic…we all are, to some degree. The question is, are you listening? If you are listening, what are you hearing? If you are not listening…there’s your answer…

I don’t speak my truth and use my words to hurt or to offend, although I am fully aware that some of the things I say are hurtful and offensive. My intention, in my writing, in my work, in my life, is to heal and to grow and to love and to do all I can to get us all walking in harmony, hand in hand…heart to heart…to be love, always love, love, love…

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