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Rarely have I written like this in over 28 years…

I was in another Sitz bath, in intense discomfort and nauseating pain just now and it just came over me, like the most natural thing ever…how I used to write poetry, lyric…love sonnets and magic…

I used to allow my heart to flow so freely. I allowed my love to find space in my expression, through my words…through my heart with no filter…Raw and unedited…

I think the pain helps me to do that…you know the raw and true, deep and real kind of pain, the kind there is no words for and yet…to manage the pain, I get lost and found in words.

lets see what I’ve got:

I am finding clarity, inside of me. Maybe, clarity is finally finding me. I am allowing me to just be me.

I am accepting who I am…who I really, really am. I do give a damn. I am Coral and I am Sam.

I have missed seeing the world in my darkness. I have been captive in my fear. Through the cracks, light finally enters here.

I have been unable, not unwilling. I have been misdiagnosed, and it has been unsettling. I am coming back to life because I am finally willing.

I am weary and I will rest. I am just getting started.I am just getting dressed. This is my life. This is not a test.

I open to the universe to be who I’m to be. I accept that person with every part of me. The prisoners who resided here…I am here to set her free.

I need no permission and I offer no apology. I will not be silenced. I am philanthropic.

Altruistic and not indifferent. Waging war with our collective intelligence. To do this is our due diligence.

I stand where you stand and I fall where you fall. Your pain is my pain. We are one. One is all.

All gave some. Some gave all. Everything big once started small.

I cannot not know the things I’ve come to know. I must be the voice and I must be the hope.

Anyway…that’s all I’ve got for this day. Have a beautiful Friday night full of love, love, and more love…

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