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Please, Please help us to bring Aiden back home…


My blog this morning is to help to bring Aiden home.
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I thought I would blog about my work this morning, because that is what is on my mind and in my heart.

We have been our searching for Aiden since the moment we found out he was missing. APD is involved and the media is involved. There is a $1000 reward, no questions asked, for Aiden’s safe return.

Aiden was stolen from his Moms car, in broad daylight on March 17th, from the area of Comanche and I-25.

Aiden has a lot of people who love him and who are trying to reunite him with his family. Aiden needs human intervention to bring him home. Human intervention is what got him into this mess to begin with.

Humans…who the fuck are we? I mean really…who do we think we are? Entitlement issues that allow others to take what they want, just because they want it. You have it. I want it. It’s mine.

Here is a little news flash for us all…that is NOT how it works! I mean, apparently, that is how it works. This is the exact reason that Aiden is not safe with his family right now, isn’t it?

Aiden was with his Mom, in his car, minding his business, when someone busted the window in his car and took him. Aiden is not this mans dog and yet, this man took Aiden with him.

We live in a world where people take what they want, with absolutely no regard for someone else, because they fucking can.

I have spent hours searching for Aiden. I went out with his Mom yesterday and I will tell you all this, this woman is broken. This woman is our sister and she needs our help. Aiden is our brother and he needs our help.

Let me ask you this…if Aiden was your best friend, wouldn’t you want our help?  Wouldn’t you be doing all you could to find him and bring him back home?

Aiden needs medication and Aiden doesn’t have any teeth. Aiden is only 4 pounds. Aiden, not protected, and could possibly be in danger, and so time is of the essence. We must find Aiden and bring him safely back home.

In my work, I pray. I pray and I trust. I believe and I hope. Mostly though, I just love. I believe that love and love energy and loving intention are key.

I love Aiden. I love his family. I love the people that I talk to, who take his picture in their hands and REALLY look at him. I love everyone who REALLY wants to help Aiden.

Search and rescue work and communication work…Reiki work…at the end of every single day, it is all just love work.

Do I believe that we will bring Aiden home? I believe that we will bring Aiden home, with all of my heart. We will not lose hope. We will not lose faith. We will not give up.

We also will not let the discouraging words of others penetrate us. I am going to put this out there, and I mean it, if you are not here to help, then please step back so that you don’t cause anymore harm.

If you cannot help Aiden, then please call me and I will meet you and bring you $1000, in return for Aiden, no questions asked. The reward will be paid for his safe return and so with all of my heart, I pray for you to call me, so I can bring you the money and you can bring me Aiden.

If you have comments about why he was in the car in the first place, please, keep those comments and the energy that those comments bring, to yourself. In our search in love and light, we do not need your judgement or your ridicule….we just need your love…

Aiden being in the car, while his Mom was in the gym, is not the crime. Aidens Mom committed  no crime, so could we PLEASE stop persecuting her and send her some love?  Could we please stop judging her and help her to bring her baby back home?

Aiden is in desperate need of our help. Many of you will not be able to leave your homes and actually search on the ground and I totally understand. Don’t harm yourself trying to help Aiden.

Would you all do this for me though? Would you all memorize this photo of Aiden, read his story and watch his news clip? Would you look, when you are out and about, wherever you are, for Aiden? If you spot him, will you text or call me right away?

The more everyone sees Aiden…and the more we are all looking for Aiden…the better his chances are of coming home. So, please help me to look for Aiden and to reunite Aiden with his family.

If you can do nothing else, could you please pause for a brief moment right now, and say a little prayer for Aiden? If you don’t pray, that’s cool too…could you just do whatever you do, to send love and light and hope to those who need it the most…could you do that, with the love and intention, to bring Aiden back home?

Thank you all for being here with me this morning! I really am so glad that we share this time together every day. Thank you for your love and support…for being you.

Now, I am off to pray for Aiden’s safe return…for Aiden to be reunited with his family…thank you for praying too, for loving and looking…for sharing and cross posting…thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Whatever you’ve got and however you do it, we would sure appreciate your love and help. We love you Aiden. We love you so much. We are right here and we will not lose hope.

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