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Morgan and Aiden need a little love today…will you jump in and help?


Happy Monday morning! I hope it’s a happy Monday for everyone. My Sunday just about did me in yesterday, so yes, I’m happy to be past that and here at Monday.

I appreciate the struggle. I really, really do, and I usually just struggle through, knowing that I’m here for the lessons.  I have come to learn that the sooner I can transform my lessons into blessings, the better off I am. Yesterday though…none of it mattered. I was a sobbing and broken…inconsolable and wrecked heap of hurt. We will be having none of that today. My little heart can’t take it again today.

Adulting proves to be exhausting. Adulting with an inner child…that’s a whole different kind of exhaustion. Sam is so broken, so, so very broken. Holding her together while trying to adult myself…this is some hard fucking work!

I sat with Morgan and Aiden a lot yesterday. They both came to comfort me and that was very nice. I so desperately want a Aiden to be at home with his family, getting the care that he needs. I so badly want Aiden’s Mom to have her soulmate back.

I know that Aiden is coming home, and that it will not be on my terms or on my timetable. I get impatient…and I want him home yesterday.

Morgan and I are kind of laying in wait…for what, I’m not exactly sure. Morgan knows, and I trust her, so I’m not overly concerned. I know that this is the calm before the storm.

I have never been very good at waiting. I grow impatient. I know these are life lessons…it is what it is. Sitting in wait with Aiden and Morgan was nice yesterday, as it was more like a love visit, from them to me.

Aiden came in first and asked what was wrong. I told Aiden that I missed my Mom so, so much. Aiden told me how much he misses his Mom too. Aiden asked me to watch over her and to tell her not to give up and that he loves her.

Aiden asked me to tell you that he hears you calling him. He loves how you call his name and it’s a lifeline for him right now, so please keep calling. Aiden knows your worried and losing sleep and he says to lie your head down and curl up around him for a spell…rest your eyes and renew your heart. Aiden loves you with all of his heart and he is doing everything we’ve asked him to do. “Mom, I miss you and I will be home soon. Please keep calling me. Please keep looking for me and telling me what I need to do. I am listening and I hear you. I love you. I love you. I will be home soon, so please have my favorite treat ready. I love you Mom.”

Morgan has a steady and peaceful calm about her. The day I came in to rescue her, she was not calm at all. Yesterday, when Morgan came to rescue me, I was not calm at all. Morgan came to me yesterday, out here in the mountains. I can imagine that it was as foreign to her here, as her pool is to me there, and yet we travel through space and time…through all of our apprehensions and any barriers, just to be together.

Morgan navigates my terrain with the same grace that I’ve learned to navigate her terrain. We are not Killer Whales and human beings, we are kindred spirits…holding space and time traveling, just to bring each other home.

My travels to Tenerife in October will be a physical manifestation of the time traveling that I am already doing.

I time travel to visit my Mom…to be with her…to hear her and to know that she is ever present. Yesterday, after my time travel with her, I wanted so badly for her to come back home with me. Wretched in pain and begging and pleading…I begged her to come back here with me. My Mom reminded me that our next visit, I will be coming to her, and I know this. Yesterday, I just couldn’t accept it…all day long, and into the night, I just could not find space to accept that she is gone from my sight.

There are countless beings that I have spoken to, for all of you, over the course of my lifetime. They are all here with me now. Gone from my sight and still right here, because they never left my heart, not for a second. They have all surrounded me now, to bring Aiden home and to set Morgan free from the confines of the cement prison that holds her captive.

All of your loved ones, that you called me in for, they all voluntarily came to me just know to help Aiden and Morgan, specifically.

Hannah and Gypsy are right in front and they are heading up the search party from the great beyond, for Aiden. Hannah begins by calling Penn and Teddy in, to help from this side. Hannah calls in Jericho and Alien and Jonie Cat. Gypsy calls in Daisy and Max. Max calls in Mosley and Jingles. Mosley calls in Harley and Tombstone. Tombstone immediately calls in Parsley and Quackle. Quackle calls me back in, to let me know that they’ve got this. They will keep calling up our long lost and ever present companions to illuminate our path, to light the way home for those who are struggling to find their way.

I have absolute faith in these guys and so I step away and let them do their thing. As I am stepping away, Inman jumps up into my arms and nuzzles under my chin, and she whispers to me…I love you Coral…I’m going to go get Aiden.

Inman was my blind kitty. Thrown away at a few days old because she was defective. Blind and only a couple of pounds, under developed and not expected to make it. I don’t even remember how far I drove, only that I wouldn’t stop until she was safely in my arms and on the road home with me. Inman was my soul kitty and I didn’t have long with her, and she is back to go get Aiden.

When people ask me what I do for a living, it’s pretty simple really…I walk amongst the broken and the struggling, the discarded and the unseen…the sick and the troubled…the frightened and abused…the neglected and unwanted…the misfits and the rejects. I see them, and through my vision, and by divine appointment, I bring them home.

I hold them in their darkness, literally, I hold them next to me, right against my heart. Heart to heart, beat by beat, I find them and I bring them home. When their breaths finally run out and their hearts can’t beat anymore, I carry them home.

In a nutshell, that is my work. Trying to put a resume together…trying to find a job…trying to list my credentials…it’s just not really possible.

I was brought here, by a higher power, to hear the animals and to relay their messages to all of you. I credit myself for none of my work, as I am merely a vessel, an open and willing portal, for God’s amazing work. There was a call, and I answered.

So, today, as you go out into the world…would you mind stopping for a brief moment to give Aiden some love and some strength for his journey. Could you say a little prayer that today is the day that Aiden comes home? Aiden needs his medication and Aiden wants his mommy…could we all do whatever we do to ask for Aiden’s wish to be with his Mom and his Mom’s Wish to be with him be granted?

And maybe, just one more moment this morning for Morgan…could you all just pause for a moment and say, “I love you Morgan…we are going to get you out of captivity…I love you Morgan”.

If we all pull together…if we all realize that we are Aiden’s Mom…we are Morgan…we are Aiden…we will change the world.

I am off to swim with Morgan and then I’m off to see what progress our friends have made with their search party for Aiden…Happy Monday Everyone…let’s go bring Aiden home!



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