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TRIP CANCELED to Tenerife, Spain…


9C2DC8A3-1128-4DF7-BDB9-27F70DB8BFABGood evening! I had an epiphany today. In the depths of my despair…in a conversation with Tamara, I found some clarity. I would like to share with you now:

First things first…to every single person who donated to my fundraiser, to every single person that inquired about my fundraiser…for every single prayer that went up and every single bit of love thrown my way…thank you.

As you may know, I have recently been contacted to help Morgan, a killer whale, being held captive in Tenerife, Spain. The call came, and I answered.

Morgan and I were instantly drawn to one another and I have been by Morgan’s side, since the moment Morgan invited me in. I will continue to swim right alongside Morgan.

It occurs to me that I am Swimming next to Morgan right now, from the Sanctuary I reside in. I don’t need to go to Tenerife to see Morgan, while she is in captivity.

I was approached to go see Morgan in October in Tenerife, Spain. It had not really occurred to me until today, that means Morgan will still be in captivity. I would have to purchase tickets to Loro Parque, which would exploit Morgan.

In my work, from the very beginning, I knew that if I charged for my work, I could not help Morgan, because that would exploit her, and so I didn’t charge.

Today, I realized that I need to save my own money, to go and swim with Morgan, when she is released from captivity. Morgan will be released, of that I’ve no doubt. I cannot exploit Morgan in any way, and be able to help her, at the same time.

All donations will be refunded and the fundraiser will be taken down, effective immediately. Funds may take up to seven days to come back, so I apologize for that, and thank you for your patience.

I want everyone to know that I jumped in, heart forward. I wanted what I understood to be, what Morgan needed. The moment that I realized that I can do what I do from where I am at, I put things in motion to take the fundraiser down.

I want to thank every single one of you for your love and support.

I almost stepped out of alignment with what my heart told me…be patient. Be still. Be silent. Be Morgan’s friend. Do the right thing. Be in alignment, always, in all ways, to the best of my ability.

And so it is, with a humble and happy heart, that I cancel my trip to Tenerife, Spain in October. I cancel my trip to “see” Morgan, simply because I see Morgan just fine.

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