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From my glass house to yours…and a plea for Aiden…


Good morning! I hope everyone is doing okay this morning. I know that some of you are struggling terribly, and I send you all of my love.

My friend who lost his best friend has been so heavy on my heart. I can feel him hurting and so I channel my love, with his best friends love, in a direct line to his heart. I hold you in love and light and prayer my friend, as you grieve. I am with you.

Aiden is my heart right now and I spent all night keeping him close to me, to keep him safe and warm. I held Aiden’s heart to my heart, to channel the heart to heart flow of pure love directly from his Mom. Please take a moment and give it all you’ve got, however you do it, to bring Aiden home, safe and sound.

Praying for Nahko and asking you to pray too, as he is suffering great loss.

I have a childhood friend who is losing her husband to cancer and my heart line is wide open and flowing directly to theirs. I have taken the walk they are walking now and there are no words…just love. I just send all of the love I can muster to help them through this journey, to help their kids and their parents and their friends and family. You are not alone my friends…I am here with you. (Thank you Michael Jackson)

I believe that we are all just walking each other home. I know that I feel you. I really, really do feel you.

Morgan and I have been swimming quietly, reflecting on recent decisions. Morgan knows my heart and my refusal to exploit her seems to have given her a new confidence and trust in me.

My sadness  that I’m not going to “see” Morgan, has been replaced by gratitude because I do see her. Morgan has been very clear, if I exploit her, all communication will cease. This is a line that must not ever be crossed.

I imagine that it’s like that with us too, on the deepest level. We shut down and we move away from things that we cannot trust. We back away from things that don’t feel good to our soul.

None of us adheres to perfection. Not one among us is perfect. We all live in glass houses, with piles of stones by our front door. All of our houses look like our windshields…knicked and cracked, broken and compromised. All of us endure the same struggle and yet we launch stones at our neighbors glass house, right from our glass front porches.

We need to wake up. Glass houses and glass ceilings. Glass that we refuse to clean and actually look through before we launch attacks on others.

Being so empathic, my heart has taken a beating lately. I know things…I just know them. I cannot not know them, and yet, people lie to me, like I don’t know that they are lying. Fucking excruciating, walking through the world like this.

I really just want love. I want to be love. I want to be loved. Anything that is not love cannot dwell here. For me, it really is that simple.

You lost someone you love…I love you through it. You need help finding your best friend…I will search with you, until we bring him home. I won’t give up, I promise. You hurt and I love you from where I am.

My ego got ahold of that and had a fucking field day with it. My ego brought my trauma in. I needed to be seen. I needed to be supported. I needed to be loved like a fucking verb…I…I…I…and I flailed and cried and questioned. Tamara saw the ugly and loved me enough to call me out on it…I love me enough to set that shit back down. I have serious work to do…my inflated and needy ego has no place here.

We live in a world where people tell other people who belongs and who does not belong. We have laws and rules and regulations that exclude certain individuals, from their basic human rights. We are living under a corrupt administration that picks and chooses who is fit and who is not fit to be here. Who in the fuck really thinks that they have the right to deprive people of their basic human rights? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right?

Unless you are on the wrong fucking side of our man made border…unless you are transgender…unless you are making the right amount of money and paying the right amount of taxes…unless I can pay you enough to remember what really happened, just a little bit differently…unless I can pay you for sex, exploit and fuck the shit out of you, and toss you aside like trash afterwards, and then call you a liar…unless you are homeless and then you have no rights at all…no dignity at all. Please, for fucks sake, go somewhere that I don’t have to look at you. Would you please take your filthy, broke, low down, broken and pathetic ass off of that street corner, so that I don’t have to look at the mirror you just placed in front of me?

Who in the fuck are we? You have as much right to be here as I have. I have as much right to be here as you do. Grab my hand and let’s start walking together, shall we?

Aiden was in his car, with his companion friend, waiting for their Moms return. Someone saw Aiden’s Moms car and decided that they wanted that car, and so they broke out the window, to take it. I don’t know exactly why he didn’t take the car, as I wasn’t there…maybe the dash camera, maybe a passer by startled him. This very scary man, with entitlement issues, took Aiden instead. Aidens companion was too big to snatch, so he left him. I cannot even imagine what that must feel like…how helpless and scary and sad that must feel.

Aidens Mom would much rather have lost her car. Aidens Mom would have gotten another car. Aidens Mom cannot get another Aiden, and so I ask you again, to please pray with me to bring Aiden back home to his Mom. I ask you to put yourself in her position, just for a moment, and feel her badly broken heart…can you feel that? I can…I can’t not feel her.

Aiden needs his Mom. Aiden needs his medication and his special diet. Aiden is not where Aiden belongs and time is of the essence, to bring him home safely. Aiden has been without his medication that helps him to breathe since March 17th.

Someone, somewhere knows where Aiden is. I am off to look for him and I ask you to be looking for him too…please.

We are all walking each other home and Aiden needs some help finding his way…please help us to help him to find his way back home…


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