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Aiden, we all come together, to bring you home today…


Good morning! I am glad you are here this morning, because we could really use your help.

Aiden is still not home and he has been gone from home since the 17th of March. Aiden is on day 12 of not being on his special diet. Aiden hasn’t had his breathing meds in 12 days.

Aidens family increased the reward from $1000 to $1500, no questions asked, for the safe return of Aiden.

I know that I am saturating you with this information and with these pictures. Inundating you with photos and pleas for prayers and good vibes. I appreciate your love and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping Aiden find his way back home.

Aiden is you. You are Aiden. We are all walking each other home.

I believe that our hearts are all connected. I believe that with positive intention and unwavering faith…with undying hope and with love…we can do anything we set our hearts to.

We can love Aiden home. We will love Aiden home.

I feel Aidens Moms heart and I can tell you what…her heart is breaking. I feel Aidens heart and Aidens heart is breaking too. So, they need our hearts, our love energy, our undying faith to boost theirs.

We need to all set our intention to breathe for Aiden right now.  Without his breathing medication for 12 days, he needs our help. Could you please take a moment to set your intention to share each breath that you take, with Aiden? Every single breath…would you mind sharing a little with Aiden? With your most focused intention and with all of the love in your heart, could you be Aidens breath? How did that feel? It feels amazing, doesn’t it…to know that your breath is helping Aiden to come home to his family?

While you are breathing for Aiden, could you gently place your hand, open palm, on your stomach…skin on skin…and fill up your abdomen with calming and healing energy? Aiden hasn’t had his special diet in 12 days and his tummy could use some love…some calm…some good, strong and steady and healing energy. Are you able to take just a quick moment this morning and send Aidens little tummy some love?

Now, could we all just close our eyes and visualize Aiden in his Moms arms? Are you able to see her holding Aiden close to her heart? Can you feel the love and the joy between them…the utter bliss they are feeling being reunited with one another? Can you feel the tears? Tears of joy and gratitude? Tears of release for the last 12 days…the anxiety and the fear tears, all flooding out…Are you feeling all of this?

Sharing together, this love and visualizing Aiden safely in his Mother’s arms…Sending Aiden some of your breath, and all of your love…this is what will bring Aiden home. Please, everyone, let us bring Aiden home today. We can bring him home together.

I call upon every loved one that has every crossed the rainbow bridge, to block their side and not grant passage to Aiden just yet…to gently push him back to us. Please help him to turn around and come back, if he tries to cross the rainbow bridge.

Maybe you wouldn’t mind calling upon your loved ones on the other side of the bridge to gently push Aiden back to us? Very important, that as you call them up and ask them to help us, that we all speak their names and say, “Max, would you please come to the bridge and gently help Aiden to find his way back to us?”….”Thank you Max.”

Next, Let us call upon our loved ones who are still here in body with us..again, speak their names. Call upon the warriors among us to call Aiden to this side of the rainbow bridge…to keep him here with us.

Taos, Rocky, Aliah, Karma, Karuna, Gilda, Bunji, Manny, Moe, Stephanie, Samuel, Duncan, Lisa, Janet, Patti Ru Paul, Sidney, Namaste, Neagro, Bully Dozer, Thyme, Hondo, Basi, Kale, Prince, Bowie, Jackson, Kale, Morgan and all of the ladies in the coop and all of the birds in the wild…the wild bunnies and rabbits and squirrels…every being at a Santuario de Karuna…Coral and Tamara…please say this with me…all together…”Aiden, we are here to bring you safely home to your Mom…come with us and we will take you to her.”

With all of our love, with all of our intention…with all of our hearts, let’s bring Aiden safely home to his Mom today, shall we?

Thank you for being here today, and every day and thank you for taking time out of your busy morning to do this with me. Aiden thanks you too, because he is going to get by, with a little help from his friends. Aiden is going to sail home on he biggest wave of love that many of us have ever seen…all thanks to your love and your pure intention to get him there…

Aiden, we love you and we see you and we are all here, every single one of us, to carry you safely home to the loving arms of your Mom. It matters not which one of us carries you to her, only that we collectively carry you to her.

We ALL, every single one of us, join our hearts now. Take  the hand and the paw and the hoof next to you and let us stand in prayer, in nothing but love and light…and let’s bring Aiden home. And so it is…


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