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Happy International Respect for Chickens Day…(I bring you A Life Lesson from my Beautiful friend Piñon…)


Happy International Respect for chickens day! At Santuario de Karuna, we will spend the whole month of May advocating for one of the most abused animals on the planet…chickens. We will be, as we do, holding space, loving and celebrating some chicken love today!

My decision to become vegan came four years ago, when an amazing chicken named Piñon changed my life forever. Piñon is the reason that I am vegan and the first real push in softening my heart. I want to share her story with you all now!

A Life Lesson from my beautiful friend Piñon…

I could never have imagined that I could learn so much from a chicken, but the other night when Tamara and I went out to see the chickens, we noticed that her girl Piñon was down and struggling. Tamara and I prepared a place for her inside and got her some food and water and a nice comfortable bed and Tamara brought Piñon inside.

We left her to settle and a little while later, I heard a commotion and I went in to see what was going on. Piñon had gotten out of her bed and was trying to find a place to hide. Pinon was scared and having trouble moving around, and so I sat down on the floor beside her.

I have never been around chickens and I have certainly never held or petted or hugged a chicken before I met Tamara. On this night, a night that would change my life forever, I put my arms around Piñon to pull her closer to me, to comfort her…I felt how soft she was and I saw all of her beautiful colors. For the first time in my entire life, I realized that she had a soul and a beating heart (“She” being a chicken, which I had only ever eaten, up until a couple of months ago). I looked right into her eyes, as she looked right into my eyes. As I looked into her beautiful eyes, I saw, I felt, I touched…her very soul.

The very amazing thing is that in seeing her soul, she showed me my own soul. I don’t cry often, at least not on the outside, but tears were rolling down the inside of my cheeks and my throat felt tight. When she looked up at me, she asked me if I was going to hurt her and I said I was not going to hurt her. The beautiful thing is that she believed me and relaxed a bit next to me until Tamara came back in.

A few months ago, I started eating a vegan diet and being more mindful of my purchases. I have a leather couch, wear leather belts and shoes, carry  leather wallet. I never thought about what that meant or at what cost to another living being my diet or my clothes or my furniture truly cost…not my cost, not my monetary cost but the cost to the beautiful beings that gave their lives so that I could eat a certain way or dress a certain way.

I changed my diet a few weeks ago and the other night with Piñon changed my whole life and my understanding of exactly why I changed my diet. I also came to realize that being vegan is a lifestyle change for me, not merely a diet change. I had never looked into the eyes of a chicken and I had never felt a chickens heart race or felt a chickens feathers against my face.

I must have known that they were once alive as I cut them up to eat them on my plate. And yet somehow, I must have been able to not see what I didn’t know how to see. Truth be told, I was ignorant and insensitive and totally unaware. Now, I cannot not know, what I have come to know. I cannot not see what I have come to see. Most of all, I cannot unfeel what I felt, looking into the eyes of such a beautiful, peaceful and trusting being.

We took Piñon in this morning to cross the Rainbow Bridge and I felt a sense of sadness that I had not felt before, a gratitude that I can not describe, for a lesson that I am eternally grateful to have learned from such a beautiful and amazing being. Thank you Piñon! Peace be the journey and Blessed be…I love you! We are all the same.

And there you have it, the story of how I decided to become vegan. Today, I am the Co-Founder of Santuario de Karuna, a local Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary, where all life matters.  Chickens lives matter. Chickens can be here, truly BE here and be safe and not have to live in fear.

Santuario de Karuna is a local non-profit, registered 501c3. We are looking for monthly donors to sponsor the animals. We have several amazing chickens and my mission in the month of May is to get every animal, not just our chickens, a monthly sponsor.

On this International Respect for Chickens Day, I challenge you to change the way you look at things. Get on Facebook and like our page…Santuario de Karuna. Check out our website, (which needs updating, so don’t fret…you can pick any animal) and be a monthly sponsor. You can pick any animal, as all of the money, goes to all of the animals, always.

Tamara and I are non-paid stewards of this amazing land and guardian to this amazing beings. We are going on four years of doing this amazing work together…and we are so, so blessed.

I challenge you to do something today, on this International Respect for Chickens Day, for a chicken…that’s right. Check out our website and our Facebook page at Santuario de Karuna. Become a monthly sponsor or be a one time sponsor.

Do something today for someone who can never thank you. Do something for yourself…change your life, for the better and get involved in your community. Stop eating chicken…start there, like I did. Don’t try to go too big, too soon…today, I challenge each and every one of you, to not eat my friends today. Do not eat chicken today, in honor of Piñon…in honor of all of Piñon’s friends…no matter what you eat today, on International Respect for Chickens Day…I challenge you not to eat any Chicken.

Let us all join hands, in a moment of solidarity…a moment of silence. Let us say thank you to all of the chickens who have given their lives for us, to all of the chickens who have been raped and brutalized and tortured and murdered, and slapped on our plates. Let’s say a prayer for the ovulations that would have been their babies… that we are scrambling up on our plates next to Namaste, I mean your bacon…

Today, we will consume no chicken in honor of one of the most tortured, abused, neglected and disregarded beings on our planet…my dear friends…the chickens.

Thank you so much for starting your day with me today. I look forward to your private messages about not consuming chicken today! Love, love, love to each of you and mad, mad love to all of the chickens.

Thank you Piñon, for softening my heart forever, for changing my life and for the beautiful lesson that started me on my path of being Vegan. I love you Piñon!!!!





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