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A post of love and light, baby calf’s and bunnies…(by special request)


Good morning everyone! I am taking a rest from the darkness today. I stand in solidarity for Sam and for all survivors of childhood abuse. I send my love to all affected by my posts lately, as I am learning, my story on my blog, is a shared story and not mine alone. I will continue to share my story, as my heart is able and inspired to do so.  I will encourage and support others sharing their stories when they are ready. I will be here for you, should you choose to call upon me.

For today, I am going to share stories of baby cows and bunnies. Donkeys and baby goats…pigs in mud holes and chickens loving  life…ducks quacking their afternoons away and roosters crowing…dogs bathing in the sun and kitties in the window on their dog beds…an audible goose and some amazing guinea hens. Today, I write about the good stuff, that only comes because we have known the bad stuff.

You know that right? We can’t have the highs without the lows or the good without the bad, the pleasure without the pain. We cannot experience ecstasy if we have never experienced depression. We all have to know that the very best often comes from having survived the very worst.

So, go grab your morning coffee and think about the one thing that you are most grateful for and the person who loves you the most.  If you are like me, there are so many, I will have a hard time just picking one. So, for this morning, just pick one…that loves you the most, that you are really are grateful for…one  that you know has helped you to become the person you are today. Maybe it’s a teacher or a student…a Mom or a Dad…a sibling or a child…a husband or a wife…a dog or a donkey…someone still living or someone no longer living…no matter, just choose one and meet me back here with your morning coffee.

Alrighty then…here we all are, coffee in hand and our one thing we are most grateful for…the person who loves us the most. Does everyone have one in mind? Okay, with all of your might, close your eyes for a moment and envision them sitting right next to you. Picture them right here, having morning coffee with you today. What do you notice? Are they happy to see you? Do you feel happy seeing them? Sit with this feeling for a few moments and really soak them in…I mean, touch them, smell them, really look at them…who do you see? What do you want to say? I know you’ve been holding it and now is your chance to say whatever you have been wanting to say. What do their eyes look like? How do you feel when you look into their eyes? Does their voice sound exactly how you remember it? And they have something to say to you, something you’ve waited an eternity to hear…what does it feel like, right now, to hear it? Whatever it is that you’ve been dying to hear…how does it feel hearing it, in their voice, from their lips? Does it feel like you thought it would feel to hear what you’ve needed to hear for so, so long?

This visitor comes only in love and light. No matter how turbulent or impossible, civil conversation may seem…on this day, right now, I am opening a portal for you to receive a message, from the one you are most grateful for, in neutrality and complete peace. You must be completely open also, or it will not work. You must believe with all of your heart, or the portal cannot open. With that being said, I want you to really soak them in, let them fill you up and inspire you. I want you to open yourself to them being here with you right now, giving you what you need, to fuel your journey. What words bring you comfort and peace? What vision softens your heart and allows you to love and be loved? Who, in all of the world, do you feel close enough to, do you love and trust enough, to allow yourself this healing? Who loves you the most and what would hey say to you right now?

What do you want to ask them? What have you been dying to ask them for so, so long? Ask them now. Whatever it is, look into their eyes and ask them right now, whatever you have longed to know…go ahead and ask. It’s okay…I’m right here and I’ve got you…go ahead and ask. Nothing to fear here…nothing stopping you or interrupting you from this moment…this moment that you have prayed for and needed for so long. Remember, this is the person that you chose, the person you are most grateful for…and they feel the same way about you, in this moment, so ask whatever it is, and open your heart as wide as you can for their answer. Go big on this one my friends, and let’s open that heart up as wide and as big as we can, to prepare for our answer, to a question we’ve been dying to know, for so long. Are your hearts open as wide as they will go? One more deep breath and open a bit more because we want to be WIDE open for this. Is everyone open and ready to receive? Are you your widest open that you’ve ever been, ever? Okay…with our hearts open wide and our deepest question posed to the person that we are most grateful for…put your coffee cup down and sit back in your chair…take a few deep and intentioned breaths and relax…envision their face, their eyes, their smell, their voice.

Are you completely open and relaxed, sitting right next to them? Are you ready to receive their love and their answer to your question? With everything in you, are you open to healing of this magnitude? Are you ready for unconditional love and light to flood over you and to ignite your spirit? Are you going to allow yourself this healing, waiting on the other side of this portal? This portal is a heart portal, using my own heart energy to open and allow passage between the two of you. Each of you now has the ability to open your own portal. Some of you will and some of you won’t. As always, take what you need and leave the rest. And so it is.

I chose this meditation this morning for all of us, because I know that we are weary and exhausted and that we need some fuel. We know we must keep moving forward and yet we are fucking weary, aren’t we?

If you are so inclined, put your hand over your heart and open your portal now, to receive whatever it is you need from the person you love the most, the person you are most grateful for. Allow that to flow freely and to fill you up, to overflow you and to ignite your soul! Open that valve all the way and let’s flood our hearts with what we need, with what feels good to nourish our souls…let it all in…let that little light shine my friends! Do you feel it?! Keep on filling and keep on smiling…keep on loving and keep that heart open, because we’ve huge work to do. We must prepare a place for all of the good things coming our way. Keep on filling until you truly cannot fit anymore, anywhere…go ahead…you can add some more. How are you feeling? Keep on filling….

Okay…how was that? Are you feeling better yet? Are you energized and ready to go out there and to love and to be loved? Me too! I am ready… I am so ready!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! With our hearts wide open, with our love goggles on and our tanks full…let’s go spread some love today!!!! I love you! You know that, right? I do. I love you!

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