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Good morning everyone! Thank you all for your amazing love! Truly, I feel you loving me and I thank you so much! Tomorrow is the big day and I am so ready for some reprieve from all of this pain and discomfort. The anxiety and the anticipation of it all has me pretty wound up and agitated.

So many text messages and emails and comments…thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My life, so private for so long, now not so much. My secrets, no longer secrets. My life and my fears and me…all on display, for all of you, and so I thank you for treating me with kindness and in love and light. I love you all right back!

I have an appointment with my primary and as many appointments with my own clients as I can fit in today, before I have to take some time off to heal. I have not taken more than a day or two off since I went out on my own. I’ve no choice this time. I must take care of me, and so it is.

I have a million things to do and an early morning appointment with my doctor, and so I leave you with this today and send you all of my love:

If you were not afraid of what you might not do right, what do you imagine could not go wrong?

Our fear of fucking up, of being less than it not good enough is why we don’t reach our heights. Our fear stunts our reach, doesn’t it? We cannot embrace the sky while trying so desperately to keep our own fears under control. Letting go is the only way to truly hold on to anything. Giving something away is the only true way to keep it with you always. Our hearts, in cooperation with, not in competition with, our minds, have amazing potential to change our world. We have power, untapped and unrealized. We have endless and limitless potential. We are just walking each other home.

Have a beautiful day today and keep in mind that each of us are fighting silent inner battles that no one knows anything about, so be gentle with each other. Be kind. Always be kind and you will always be right. Go out there and let yourself love and be loved like a verb. If someone offers help, and you need a hand, take it. If someone sees beauty in you that you cannot fathom, say thank you. If someone wants to hug you…realize that they are asking for a hug themself. My days of free hugs at random locations, that started because I was dying inside. I needed to be re-kindled…I needed my spark to ignite. I feared touch. I needed to be know I was here, and hugging all of you, unmistakably allowed us all to feel each other. We are all just walking each other home. We have much to offer, if we always offer our true and authentic, unconditional and unedited selves.

Go out there today and do it…whatever “it” is. You’ve got it in you, or you wouldn’t have any awareness of it in the first place. I am because you are. Umbuntu.

I love you and I thank you for being here with me, walking next to me. Have a beautiful day and go out there and love someone like a verb today!

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