Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Today we cut the ribbon…Welcome all, to Coral’s Healing Room…

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Coral’s Healing Room! I have been working my little bed bound ass off trying to get this page the way I want it! What do you think? Is it starting to come together a bit? Truly, your constructive feedback is always encouraged and appreciated.

I definitely have a vision for this page and a dream of my work in the world. I began this blog to begin to heal myself, to honor a place in myself that wants to write and heal and evolve and grow. I needed something. I desperately needed something. I needed desperately to do something I felt I was good at, every single day, to heal myself. I needed to purge and I needed to speak and I needed to stop trying to be anonymous. I decided, with absolutely no clue where to start, to start my own blog. I named my blog so that you could find me if you are looking for me and so that you could avoid me if you don’t want to find me. I am obviously visible and I opened my invitation, with absolutely no exception…the doors were cracking open and the light started pouring out of he darkness. Coral’s blog began to come to life…spitting and sputtering…I think I can, I think I can…

What happened next is the amazing part…the transformational part…the inspirational and the healing part…next…you showed up! You came to be with me as I struggled like I have never struggled before. You changed everything! You started coming for morning coffee with Coral. You started messaging me and calling me and YOU showed up in my darkness. You brought me back into the light. You loved me. You still love me. YOU all are my inspiration, my strength on many days and my rock. We built this room together! Coral’s Healing Room is our room, that we built together, in our pain and our struggles and our adversary. If you build it, they will come. I am building…we are building…they are coming…we are blessed! We are on time!

My 365 day commitment, to write to heal myself, has opened the door for substantial growth and healing for us all. There is something about knowing that we are not alone, that gives us strength we don’t have otherwise. There were some Hard reads in there, weren’t there? Some of my shit triggered your shit and we were a hot mess there for a bit, weren’t we? That all being acknowledged…that is why we are here now! We are here now because healing is more important than holding on to the hurt. healing is our right and we are ready to have us some of that. I know I am. I am listening to “That’s Christmas to Me” by Pentatonix all morning while I am writing…because this is Christmas to me…This transformation with you…That’s Christmas to Me…

That’s Christmas to Me

I am still figuring out how to add links, so if it doesn’t come up, pull it up and listen with me, will you? Let us celebrate this day together…and listen…

My Mom comes to mind and tears roll down my cheeks, as this song plays, as Christmas was her day, her contribution to the world she lived in. Christmas was her time and for all that she was not anywhere else in her life, Christmas was her time to shine, and shine she did! I am going to shine too! Today is Christmas to me and I sit here in my tears and a moment of silence, and I send my Mom, wherever she is, all of the love in my heart. I give that woman all I’ve got, in love and light, forgiveness and gratitude, to help to fuel her journey to where she is going. I love you Mom. Godspeed and may God himself wrap you up in love and healing. I honor you and your journey. I thank you for all that you are to me and I forgive you for all that you were not. I have never had the perfect words for you…you know that. I hope these work…I love you Mom. Fly free…Ive got this and Tamara’s got me. I’m good. You go do you…for probably the first time ever, you go do you…Ive got me. I am okay. I love you and today, I truly set you free. I pray you’ll stay close and visit me, that you will send me signs and help along my path, and I release you of any expectation I may still have of you though. Merry Christmas Mom…today I set us both free! I love you Mom. I have always loved you and I will always love you! Merry Christmas!

In this room, we do forgiveness. In this room, we do love. In this, our healing room, we are just walking each other home. I believe in the good things coming and I am so thankful for all of the good things already here. As we dedicate our healing room today, as we cut the proverbial ribbon on this new adventure, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!

Hey, thank you for being here and for making this space the best space ever! Thank you for taking this from healing from trauma to healing and being loved so deeply, in a space where we can always come to be together, you and I. I love you! I really do love you! Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas Sherry! Welcome home!

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