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5 current goals? 30 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 8


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

5 Current Goals

I thought I had already posted this, and see that I did not, so I apologize that it’s out of order. This is Day 8.

Five Current Goals for me are pretty front and center right now.

  1. Do something every single day, just for me…Continue Blogging every single day through December 2018, not simply to honor my commitment anymore. Now my blog has morphed into a Healing Room for us all. I take very seriously all of the healing we are experiencing together. Thank you for being here!

  2. Serious enhancement and focus on my work in the world. My goal is to find my true calling, being of service, helping others with my unique gifts. My goal is to enhance the tools I already have in my tool box while acquiring new tools. Continue doing research and honor and utilize my inner pause button in all decisions.

  3. Be a participating and contributing Co-Founder of our 501C3 Non-profit Vegan Animal Sanctuary, Santuario de Karuna, in a much larger capacity then I have been able to be in since my Mom passed away.

  4. Work on my communication skills and learn to actively listen more than I speak. Spend more time knowing others and less time talking about myself. Be more open and carefree on the journey!

  5. Get to a place where I have time management skills that align to allow for quality time for Tamara and I, scheduled time for my writing, fill empty time slots in my work schedule, embrace and make time for my creativity, have a more active role in the Sanctuary, spend more time nurturing my friendships and less time isolating myself.


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