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What’s in your bag/wallet? 30 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 9


What’s in your bag/wallet? 30 Day Challenge: Day 9

First thing I see in my wallet is a picture of my girl. This is one of my favorite pictures of Tamara, ever. I keep her on the back side of my drivers license, and I cannot open my wallet without seeing Tamara. So, that is the first and last thing I see when I open my wallet…the person I love more than anyone in the world. Behind that picture of my girl is my second favorite picture of my girl.

I have $28.00 in cash. I have a couple of plastic cards that manage the finances in my life. I have my drivers license, expiring soon, so good to know. I have my passport, just waiting for that first trip abroad. I have my card for my Rider course, from 2010, when I completed my skill rider course to ride my Brothers Motorcycle. AAA card. My LMT license. Taos’ Service Dog credentials. My insurance cards. Costco and Sam’s cards. My credentials for my minister ordainmemt. A return address label that was my Moms. Lastly, and as important to me as Tamara’s photos, there is  A card that says, “I love you! So happy for you. Tamara” with the Serenity Prayer on the back. I got this from Tamara when I went to my first AA meeting as a friend if AA. I left that meeting, a self-admitted alcoholic. That evening, I was on my way to happy hour, when I was invited to go support a friend at an AA meeting instead. I never made it to happy hour and I never drank again. That was almost 52 months ago, and I have almost worn that little card out. On my worst days…those pictures of my beautiful girl and that card, with the Serenity Prayer and Tamara’s love, keeps me going.

This is my wallet. There are many wallets like it, and this wallet is mine. I don’t carry a purse or a bag…just my wallet. I have always just had my wallet. And…that’s what’s in my wallet. What’s in your wallet?

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