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What are your 10 favorite foods? 30 day blogging challenge: Day 11


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

What are your 10 favorite foods?

I am posting this a day early because I am lying down after a long day and have a minute that I won’t have tomorrow morning, as I slowly walk back into my life. Two weeks post op and I feel great, all things considered!

  1. Tamara’s Vegan Chocolate, chocolate, extra chocolate Birthday cakes. First ingredient is love.

  2. My Mom’s first and last vegan recipe of my favorite Christmas cookie in the world-Vegan Thumbprints, before she passed away. First ingredient is love.

  3. Tamara ‘s Popcorn with the perfect pop and just the right seasoning. First ingredient is love.

  4. I love going out to eat  anywhere with Tamara because she is a fucking genius having amazing conversations about compassionate choices. Tamara can find something anywhere and I often order “I’ll have that too”…I love eating anywhere with Tamara. I always learn a lot.

  5. Any vegan coffee ice cream. Vegan coffee cakes and icing….Coffee, all things, sweet, with chocolate, I love.

  6. My Moms enchilada recipe, veganized, of course. First ingredient is love.

  7. Vegan ice cream with Tamara, anywhere anytime.

  8. Thai Vegan…I love that I can order whatever I want and it will be vegan.

  9. Any vegan food, eaten with good friends, fun and love, love, love.

  10. I won’t lie…beasty burgers with crispy French fries…made with love…total favorite! Always made with love.

Favorite food EVER…potato…the potato is my favorite food, always and forever….

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