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Do we know what we are talking about before we open our mouths?


Good evening everyone! I do not prefer to engage in controversy and as always, I write to heal myself. I got on Facebook to post pictures from a beautiful day today, because what a beautiful day it was indeed.

My page seems almost foreign…what is happening to our world? People cleaning up their friends lists by removing anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs? Religion and politics destroying life long friendships….and I wonder how that is…why that is?

Truly, I began posting, trying to be inspiring, and then to be accountable…for what I am not sure. I was simply born into privilege, because you see me as white? Have you met me? Do you know my life? Privilege is about what? And to whom? I am blessed and with privilege and this is true, and I am thankful. Most of all though, didn’t I just get lucky, being born on the soil I was born on?

Anyway in all of this controversy, I came across this a disturbing cartoon by my beloved Dr. Seuss. I won’t lie, it sickened me, a lot. (See below) It Hurt because it is ugly. 1941…Dr. Seuss was how old? Theodor Seuss Giesel was 37 years old in 1904. Born March 2, 1904 and passing away at 87 years old on September 24, 1991. Do you think it’s likely that he evolved a little bit?

“Oh the places you’ll go”…one of my favorite books of all time, published by Random House on January 22, 1990, making it his last book published in his lifetime. You know, “Kids you’ll move  mountains…” This was the last book that He touched, last one published. I have always found such great and evolved wisdom in Dr. Seuss. I am not surprised to know that he, like I and you and yes, even you, are flawed. I don’t have to agree with him and his politics to recognize how inspiring his work has always been to me. As Tamara teaches me daily, for all that we are not, there is much that we are.

I was upset by this cartoon and I did what I do when I am upset…I went to my girl. I showed it to her and I was sad and I said, for all that he was not, there was much that he was, right baby? Tamara asked how old he was in 1941 and I don’t know and so I found out for all of us. Dr. Seuss was 37 years old in 1941, and he lived another 50 years, before he died. Tamara asked me if I thought maybe he had evolved…and yes I do. Haven’t you? I mean, I hope we all have, you know, evolved?

I honestly believe that we must really begin to realize that we are our only hope.  We must be the change we wish to see in our world. Hate breeds more hate and we are a hateful bunch. We spew hate like we have the right to do so. We judge others, as if we have any right or reason to do so. We are a hurt people, hurting people. We are angry…no…we are fucking pissed off and we are entitled and vengeful and resentful, and why? We are mean and exclusive…why? Why do any of us, any of you, have more right to be here? Borders are man made by men who live in and perpetuate fear and intolerance. Land is a human right. Did you know that?

Christopher Columbus and our favorite nursery rhymes…so fucking fucked up! Entitlement and persecution for the color of your skin…pedophiles…and sexual innuendos in our childhood nursery rhymes? I said that can’t be so. Tamara told me to google it, and it is so. It is so fucked up. I will name but a few and challenge you to do your own research and due diligence on his front, as I did, if you are interested like I was.

Wee Willie Winkie, The Farmer’s in His Den, The Grand Old Duke of York, The Owl and the Pussycat, Ride a Cock Horse, Simple Simon, I Love Little Pussy, Old King Cole and Little Boy Blue. Undeniable sexual innuendos.

What about Humpty Dumpty? Humpty Dumpty actually actually Refers to a fearsome canon used in the city of Colchester which fell from a destroyed tower during the English Civil War. Humpty Dumoty is not an egg with a human face. Look up “Ring Around the Rosie”…fucking disturbing. What do you know about “Three Blind Mice”? What about “London Bridge is Falling Down” or “Here we go, Round the Mulberry Bush”? What about this one “Yankee Doodle”? What do you make of “Rub a Dub Dub”? The three men in a tub, originally written, were women, not men. And who was watching, but the “butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, and all of them gone to fair.” All of the towns uostanding men were at a peep who, so to speak. “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”, you mean like Bloody Mary? Queen Mary I of England, a strict Catholic who enjoyed inflicting great bodily torture.

What about Little a red Riding Hood and Brothers Grimm? I will let you look that one up.

These are our stories, and not so much. I really had no idea of the things that I just researched and shared with you, until I began to want to know from where I came. I want to know a little something about Dr. Suess when Someone asks me about my tattoos or his quotes, hanging around our sanctuary. I knew a little I know a lot more now, thanks to Tamara asking me questions I had no answers for.

We are really all here to walk each other home. We will walk through some darkness, as we find our way to the light.

Religion and Politics aside, we are all different. We have different stories and knowings. We have different shoes to fill and to walk in. We have basic human rights. We have common stories and we all deserve love. Our world is showing us some darkness…we need to get out there and shine our little lights.

Arguing and unfriending people on Facebook because why? I guess it allows us all to say a lot more, with no accountability, no face to face. I don’t like that, because I want to see your beautiful face and I want to feel your heart. I do not have to agree with you on everything, to love you and have you in my life.  I am not a fan of things happening and I am appalled and horrified that we are more worried about “fake news” than we are doing our due diligence to see what is and is not real, for ourselves.

I am new to some of this, naive in a lot of this and striving to know better and do better than I did yesterday. In all of this, I embrace our differences and I celebrate love and light and look for it in all places.

Dr. Seuss was a human being, being human and for all that he was not, in my opinion, there is much that he was. I believe that about myself and I believe that about you.



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