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We love you Tiny Dancer…and a message from Aiden…


Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful week and are set to have an amazing weekend! I am recovering well and relieved to be on the mend. I know a lot of us are going through some transformation and so I remind us to be gentle and kind.

It occurs to me, as I am unable to show up in the world as I usually do, that I need assistance sometimes, that I drive slower and very protected. I am very consciously using 10 and 2 on my steering wheel, which hasn’t happened in years. To people in a hurry, I just look like some asshole I’m sure.

This is the part, right here, where we all make our choices, isn’t it? We can choose to be helpful and kind and non-judgemental. We can offer assistance. We can be of service. We can be love. We can also be angry and impatient and rude and hurtful. We do have the choice, don’t we? In a hurry…late for work…and we can’t wait for you to take your sweet ass time! Or, we can slow down and we can embrace this opportunity to be love, to be kind…Whether we realize it or not…we do have a choice. We must be the change that we wish to see in the world.

I am working with a beautiful soul and her name is Tiny Dancer. Tiny is needing our love. Aiden called me yesterday morning and I had no idea why. I went to see him and still wasn’t sure why. Aiden and I…we are tight like that! Aiden calls and I do not question…I show up. As always, another call, gave clarity to the previous call, and my work begins.

Found trying to swim in a grease trap, with her companion, who did not make it, Tiny Dancer needed a miracle. The good news is that Tiny got a miracle and the very best vet care. Tiny was literally loved back to life by her medical team and the supporters gathering around her. Right now, Tiny needs your love, and so I ask you, however you do whatever you do…please do so for Tiny. Please pray…meditate..send your love and all of your light…please do what you do, to let Tiny know that she isn’t alone.

Pranja has been loved back to life. Pranja’s was found with her eye hanging out of the socket and in heat, on the streets and beaten down…and a good Samaratain found her and got her the best veterinary care. Pranja got a second chance. Aiden got a second chance. Tiny Dancer got a second chance.

Aiden has something to say to all of you, so I will type for him, until he figures out how to type without thumbs;

”Thank you for coming when I called. Thank you for helping Tiny. I knew Tiny wasn’t in a pool swimming. I knew Tiny needed help and I called Coral. Coral says you guys will help Tiny too, if I just ask you to. So, I want to ask you to please pray for my friend Tiny…please love her all the way back to life and help her to see again. Tiny is scared and sweet and sad and she needs us to love her back to life, to dance her, to the left, to unwind her trauma. Coral says to dance counterclockwise to unwind Tonya demons. I don’t know that that means, and I trust Coral, so please dance making left circles for Tiny today. Please dance to the left and love with all of your heart, my friend Tiny Dancer who has been hurt and her friend died, so she is so sad and can’t see too. Thank you for bringing me home and please help Tiny as much, to come back to life and to see some again. I love how hard you loved me home and I know you can love Tiny Dancer well again too. Please help her and love her with your whole heart.”

Thank you Aiden, for talking to everyone. Pranja chimed in and says she will help her with her eyes. Pranja’s got the eyes. Aidens got her heart. Let’s all jump in together now and love this girl back to health and love and light.

As always, thank you for being here with me this morning. Today’s call is a big one and I am headed to see Tiny Dancer now, so please fill her with your love and healing light and let’s get this girl healing and knowing she is so loved and so very much wanted.

All together and with all of your heart, please say this with me…”We love you Tiny Dancer and we are all here to carry you through this. We’ve got you Tiny. We love you and we’ve got you.”

Thank you everyone, for loving me through the hard stuff and for being on Team Aiden! Aiden loves you and says thank you too! I’m on my way Tiny…we are all in our way, to carry you through the hard part and to celebrate with you when you are out of the woods. We love you Tiny Dancer!


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