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Blog posts will no longer auto feed…this girl needs a FB hiatus…


Happy Saturday morning everyone! I hope you are excited and ready for your weekend! I am feeling much better and so happy to be getting back into the swing of my life a bit!

I want to head right into the healing room this morning and to lift Tiny Dancer up as high as we can. Tiny is an amazing and resilient little being and she had an amazing medical team assemble for her. I cannot imagine seeing what they must have seen when she was brought in…I really can’t. I have a picture and it brought me to tears and almost to my knees, sick to my fucking stomach and gasping for air. I decided not to post the picture because we are in the business of healing and this picture, no matter who you are, will make you hurt and angry and dismayed. This picture is a glaring reminder of how sick we are…how entitled we are and how superior we feel, as human beings, to do the things we do to animals, and to each other.

This morning, I also ask that we lift up Victoria Martens. I have no words, only sadness and pain, that Victoria suffered so horrifically and still got no justice. I cannot watch TV…I just fucking can’t. It stifles my fucking soul! We love you baby girl and we are so glad that wherever you are, you are out of the hell that you were in. We pray for those who hurt you…those human beings, being human…those beings that must have also been so terribly hurt themselves to do such horrible things to a child, to you. We love you Victoria and we lift Tiny Dancer up to you…Tiny needs your love, your soul…to reignite her own little spark.

I would like to take a moment to thank those in the OR’s and the veterinarian’s offices, who see this kind of pain daily…who persevere through their own pain, to heal those so badly broken. I worked in those offices myself and you just cannot unsee some of the fucking horrors. I honor the place in you that can go right into surgery, with such skill and precision. To all of the veterinarian’s and to their staffs, who see things that break their heart every day, I thank you so much and I love you so much. I am in awe of your dedication and your skill set. I am inspired by you! I fucking love you!

Rocky’s surgeon and his amazing team…Pranja’s gifted surgeon and surgical team and her rescuer…Tiny Dancer and her rescuers and her surgeon and her amazing team, to the veterinarians who took them on and loved them through, with such amazing skill and precision…I thank you so, so much! Truly, I know you don’t hear it enough…any of you…thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am going to be really real with you right now about something that has been bugging me a bit, so here it is…

We are all just walking each other home. We really are all in this together. Political and spiritual beliefs are dividing families and friendships and I hurt to see this. Chances are, I don’t believe everything that you believe. I don’t like some of your posts. I cannot, no matter how I try, see it like you see it. Your politics are bullshit, right? Your God isn’t real. If there was a God…how could he let these things happen? Weak people believe in God. I hear you…all of you. I really do, and I’m tired of it. I really am. I am so ready to go off of Facebook because the hate and the intolerance…the slander and the bigotry…the us vs. them…it is all just a bit much, isn’t it? Why can we not each have our own beliefs, without those  who don’t believe the same things making jokes and a mockery out of us? Why does my unshakable faith in something outside of myself get your panties up in such a fucking bunch? Some of your posts horrify me. Some of your jokes are not fucking funny, especially when they are at the expense of others or yourself. I keep my pages and I keep posting, because I honor the place in myself that I committed to. I also honor the place in you that is reaching out for me. I will be only selectively posting on Facebook henceforth, so if you want to get my blog every day, please go to and follow me. I have done my public service of putting me out there for everyone, and I need to pull back in a bit and remove myself from the constant barrage of hate and anger and intolerance.

In order to keep vibrating as high as I need to vibrate, I will not be spending time in places that zap my momentum and cause my unnecessary anxiety and unrest. Facebook is a place for me lately, where I am not at rest. My blog is a gift, for us all and everyone is welcome. Putting my journey on Facebook has been important to me since my Mom got sick and asked me to share on my page. Taking my journey back a bit is what I feel called to do now. My posts are real and deep and often hard, and I get that. My posts are also pieces of me and I feel that those of you who need or want that, those who need it, will follow me there and get what you need.

For everyone else, I send you my love. I don’t have to think the way you think, to love you and I love you just the same. You don’t have to believe in God to be my friend. I won’t discuss with you, who you voted for. I won’t ask you who you fuck and tell you that it’s wrong. I know pieces of your past, just as you know mine and I honor the sanctity and the place in us that we shared in confidence. I love you, no matter what. Please hear that. I just put way too much of me out here to be constantly challenged and ridiculed and judged for shit that is really none of your fucking business. My God and my relationship and my faith…those are for me. You do you…however you do you. Do me a favor though and allow me the same.  Either lift me up or set me down. Either raise me up or leave me alone. I will do the same for you…fair enough?

So henceforth, at least for a while, if you want to follow my blog, please go directly to my blog. I am pulling myself out, before I drown in the hostility and intolerance of Facebook. I will continue to post, as I need to or as I see fit on my pages. I just pull my blog back and invite only those who really need and want what I have to offer to find me there. I will share, as I see and feel it appropriate, individual blog posts. Otherwise, I am leaving the building for a bit! Facebook hiatus…going on strike…taking some time for me, to really enjoy my life and the things that fuel my soul!

As always, please reach me through PM or text…a phone call or snail mail. I need some real connection, some real face to face conversation and engagement. I am a  lover, not a fighter…and I am going to stay that way!


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