Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

I am so glad you are my neighbors!

Good Morning everyone! I am so inspired by so many things as of late. Seeing this movie over the weekend reminds me of a healing space from so many years and lifetimes ago, created by Fred Rogers , in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I share my thoughts and feelings with you now.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the healing room! I often wish we could stay here all day together.

I have been feeling a great many of you struggling lately. I send you all of my love and I know I must do more. I know you need more than all of my love, don’t you? What does that look like for you personally? I mean, is there anything that you need from me personally? I truthfully never really thought about that until I said it, and then I was like, wow…that is pretty powerful. If someone asks you what you need, because they actually want to help, what would you allow yourself to ask for help with? What would you ask for? It can be super simple and it could also be something huge…it really is about what YOU need. Maybe I can help and maybe I cannot. I am open to do whatever I can to lessen your load. Physically right now, in terms of lifting, I can do nothing for 3 more weeks…Spiritually though…with your animals and with you…If you need some love, in a way I can offer, please reach out, okay? Many of you already have, and I thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sometimes it’s a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s a hug. Maybe it’s my time, to hear you say something you need to say. Maybe you just need to know that I’m here if you do need me. Whatever it is…please reach.

Watching “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” over the weekend, brought back some really good memories for me. Fred Rogers was probably my first real friend and earliest inspiration. Seeing him and hearing him again made my heart smile.  I guess, looking at our healing room and watching this…I am trying to create that safe and learning and healing space too, for us all. If you haven’t, This is definitely worth seeing. Showing in limited theaters and for a limited time and well worth a watch.

My life is beginning to open up and make some sense to me. I am beginning to open up and I am so thankful. I grew up in Mister Rogers neighborhood. I trusted Mr. Rogers, in a world where trust was violated a lot. I always felt important and special and loved. I wasn’t invisible to him. I just want to say thank you Mr. Rogers for all of the love and encouragement. You have no idea what your love did for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As we disperse this morning, into our new work week, I hope you each have a beautiful day today and I am glad you are here with me. I am glad you are my neighbors! I love you!

2 thoughts on “I am so glad you are my neighbors!

  1. Your friendship and love is all i need from you my friend! Have an amaing week! I have had my coffee with your blog and am off to feed the horses! Much love and big squeeze hugs sending through the universe to you and Tamara!


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