Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Could everyone please stop for a second and say, “I love you Aiden”?


6ECBFA35-19C3-4390-9D80-B53B268372D4.jpegGood afternoon everyone! I just arrived home and want to get this blog up right away, as my little friend Aiden doesn’t feel well. Aiden and I have become quite connected and I feel him and I know he is uncomfortable, and also in some pain.

You were all with us when we brought Aiden back home, not so long ago. Your love and your prayers and your good juju…that’s what brought Aiden home.

There really is something about being loved so deeply that gives us super strength. Knowing that everyone is loving you and rooting for you and on your side…I know I deeply appreciate and feel that from you when I can’t manage on my own. I know that I love to be loved. Aiden loves to be loved too, so let us all fill Aiden, overflowing and abundant love, love, love. Let us send him some strength and some light and some amazing juju.


We are all here, gathered around you, praying for you and loving you through this. We know that love is the answer and we want you to know that we fucking love you! The world met you in the worst of times, and people know Aiden. So, so many people love Aiden. I love you Aiden, with all of my heart. You give me strength and courage and hope and encouragement AND you always give me ALL of your love. I offer you these things now, in overflowing abundance. We all offer you ALL of our love that you be well. And so it is.

Please say this with me…”We love you with ALL of our heart Aiden and we send you ALL of our love. Please know that we are right here, loving you through. We’ve got you Aiden and your family, as I know they want you to be well more than we can possibly imagine.”


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