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Aiden update…asking for lots of love energy…and so it is!


Hello everyone. I just got an update from Aidens Mom. Aiden went and saw a specialist earlier today and we have been awaiting results. Here is what we found out:

So they found a 3mm stone in the bladder and some inflammation of the bladder wall. Dr Ries doesn’t think it is surgical yet- best case is he passes the stone on his own. Otherwise it will be surgery. At least we have an answer!

Because the stone isn’t because of an infection, nothing can dissolve it. We aren’t there yet with dogs. I do hope he passes it and soon…for everyone’s happiness!

I have worked with a number of veterinarians, over the course of many years and Aiden’s Mom is by far the best. So medically speaking, with She and Dr. Ries on board, Aiden is golden. Truly, Aiden is in the best possible hands.

Energetically, and on Aiden’s behalf, there is me, and all of you, and we are going to gather together and love Aiden and his family through this. Does that sound like a plan? First thing, and super fucking important…imagine that Aiden is your 4 pound baby, in this distress and in this situation. Do you have a vision of this on your mind? More importantly, can you feel, in your heart, how fragile and tiny (in body only)…how concerned you might be in this very situation? Now that we all feel this, in our hearts and visualize with our minds, let us do this!

Here is what I need from all of you, to help Aiden to peacefully pass this stone without surgery, without complication and without pain, without damage, and did I say without surgery…yes please, without surgery. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. With all of your love and intention….you think I’m crazy now? I have only yet begun.

So, with all of the love and seriousness in my intention and with my higher power working through me, I ask you to help me, with all of your love and intention.

Please grant safe and painless passage of this stone. Knowing that chemically, this stone cannot be broken down by traditional medical means, it is imperative that we use our love, our energy and our intention to soften and polish this stone and break it down with all of our intention, into a manageable size for Aiden to pass. Our love is enough. We can let love be an immeasurable and immense space in such a way …a heart wide open way…a let’s love Aiden through this sort of way, can’t we? Let our highest and purest intention be our means, to love that stone out. Did you know that? I am here to tell you that we can. I am asking you to make it so. I am in the deepest gratitude for all of your love. Aiden and Aidens family send all of their love. Let us begin now, to love Aide through this. And so it is.

Everyone together….”I love you Aiden!” We’ve got you Aiden. We’ve got you! And so it is.

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