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This blog is in honor and loving memory of Dillon…


Good evening everyone. I really have to be honest…I don’t have words right now. I am exhausted and have had a beautiful and painful and heart breaking day today. I’m going to give it a shot though, because we need to shower each other with love tonight. Will you all do that for me? Will you love each other so, so much tonight? Hug your dogs….really, really love on them and then say thank you, for this time with them. Hug your people and let your people hug you, okay?

I saw Aiden and he says to tell you all that he is peeing like a champ. He is looking great, and he is recovering and resting and ready for his freedom back! Aiden has been on “house arrest” as they diagnosed and treated him, and Aiden is ready to have his freedom once Again. Aiden says thank you everyone and especially my Mom, for loving me so, so well. I am headed back to my carefree and crazy little self again! Wait for it…the Aiden swagger is on its way back!!!

I was so blessed to see Olive today(you may remember her as Tiny Dancer). Tiny Dancer danced Olive to life. Olive is doing AMAZING!!! And wait for it….Olive can see! Olive can see. Yes, I will say it again….Olive had the best rescuers and the best doctor and medical team and all of our love, and Olive can see! The grease trap she was rescued from was the beginning of Olives beautiful new life. Olive got the jackpot because she was sent special to her Mom. Olive said to tell each of you thank you for loving her through that very dark and scary time. Please keep loving her and her Mom she says because we love, love!!! Olive swam in hot grease and survived for love. Olive is here because of love. Olive is love. I love you Olive!

All of my love to A dear friend of mine Jen, who lost her best Dillon friend today. I ask all of you to surround her in all of your love and comforting light, for these hours are dark and bleak and sad and scary. Please send all of your love to Jax, Dillion’s canine companion left behind also, as He is missing a piece of himself tonight. Dillion has traveled many a mile, literally, with Jen. Today, they took their final walk together, as Dillons body Literally gave out. The details are not mine to share. I just ask all of you to send all of your love to Jen and Jax tonight. Jens heart is broken and Jax is confused and empty. I love you Jen and Jax and we all surround you in our love. We love you Dillon!

We really are just walking each other home, you know? Today I was blessed with amazing love, support, kindness and humility, as we had to walk an amazing and beautiful, vibrant and enlightened spirit across the rainbow bridge. Such love and patience and compassion. I am so fucking blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dillon and Jen and Jax…May the circle go unbroken…We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Dillon is simply gone from your sight. He still walks right beside you. I was graced with Olive looking into my eyes and seeing my eyes. I met Olives Mom, such a beautiful soul. I work side by side with the most amazing doctor to regain Olives vision…and Olive is going to be better than just fine. Olive is home! Welcome home Olive! We love you Olive!

I am not proofing this at all…heart center from one tired and grateful girl. I love you. Good night.