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Happy Birthday Sharp!

Good morning everyone! I am dedicating my blog this morning to David on the baby blanket. We literally spent all day yesterday celebrating him. I’m not going to tell his story, as only he can do that. I am going to tell my story about how Dave has changed my life.

Dave is an amazing artist and he makes Angels. He carves any Angel you can imagine out of wood. We have One of Dave’s Angels in the very center of our yard, where our Ponderosa was struck down by lightening. We no longer see the trauma of the storm. We see the beauty of the calm afternoon the storm.

David has done that for my life…he brings beauty to the trauma. Dave brings beauty to his world and a calmness to the places he holds space in. Meeting Dave happened on a day we were giving out free hugs and I walked over to ask if I could give him a hug. The rest is history.

Dave doesn’t have any legs and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been crying or bitching about something and Dave is at my house when I get home. I have had to drink a few quick cups of “shut the fuck up” when I roll up crying like I’m fucking dying and Dave is working his ass off to move a downed tree out of our drive away. Last night was no different, just being around him…my pain and my discomfort, obvious to me and Tamara, and I drank a bottle of “shut the fuck up” last night. This is my shit, as Dave is always asking how I am, and I tell him and he listens. He tells me and I listen. I just cannot be down and out when I am around David. I just cannot complain too much when we talk, and I love that about us. Dave makes me better. Dave makes my world and everything in on better, just by being in it.

David is the epitome of and the essence of friendship and I love him with all of my heart. We need him, he’s here. He needs us, we are there. It’s simple. It works.

So, I just couldn’t let today slip by without saying Happy Birthday again, to one of he dearest friends I have, my Brother Dave. I love you David, on the baby blanket. I thank you for al of the color, beauty and clarity that you have brought to my world. You truly are a man among men and I am proud to be your sister, your friend and your companion on this crazy journey called life. I love you friend. I love you so much and I am so thankful for you!


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