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We must be the change or nothing changes…


Good morning everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. I am feeling great this morning! I have an appointment with my GI doctor this morning at 8:30 and I am excited to learn what is happening, in terms of my GI issues. I am feeling the benefit of the pelvic injections, and I know that these are the first steps to my new life.

Yesterday while driving to a clients house on South 14, I saw a horse down in the pasture, with two other horses standing over her. I wasn’t sure if she was dead or not, as she was laid completely out on her side. I cannot not see what I see and I cannot not know what I know. I turned around and came back and headed over the barbed wire fence that clearly states “No Trespassing” and made a B-line for her. Shallowed and labored breathing. I pull out my phone and I’ve no signal. Her friends are distressed and begging me to help her. I began to stress a bit myself, as I could feel how helpless she was. I could see she needed water and so with a promise to return, I hauled ass to my clients house and grabbed some water and called Tamara. I jumped back in the FJ and hurried back to her. I asked her name and she told me her name is Savanna. I’ve no idea what they named her, as often it’s not the same name as the name they associate with themselves. “Savanna, I’m coming…please hold on.”

I returned with water and Savanna was very thirsty. Nothing I could do would rouse her.  Tamra had sent help and when she arrived, we began looking around for food and water, to no avail. My friend left to go and get some feed out of her truck, which I put in the dog bowl I borrowed from my client, and off I went to see if she would eat. We needed more water and so my friend went to go get more water.All three horses were hungry. Savanna had positined herself more upright and not flat out on her side.  Finally she was somewhat sternal and so I propped myself up behind her to push and hold her upright. We sat like this for a while and I would gently push in every time she gave me a little space. After a while, our pushing back and forth and she stood up!!! I was elated! Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She is standing and she isn’t dead!!! Thank you! I just stood there with my arms around her neck and her huge head resting in my shoulders. I had been palpating her and she was definitely emaciated and not bleeding anywhere that I could see. I reached down and got the dog bowl of food and held it for her as she ate.

I fell in love instantly. As she stood up, I looked down and her front hooves were like baby skis. I could tell immediately that she needed A ferrier. We have a ferrier…my friend even has a different ferrier…we can offer help! We stood together for a long time and we filled each other’s very soul. We loved through lifetimes together, and we both came home in that pasture yesterday morning. Equine energy is unmatched in terms of its spirituality and its openness and I bathed in her love, as I watched her bathe in my love.

Al of this love was interrupted by a woman screaming at me to get off of her property. I made my way to her, trying to explain what I had witnessed and why I was in her pasture. She was not impressed and told me that her horse is fine and that she lies this way all the time.  Her horse friends, she insisted, take good care of her. I made my way back over the fence and things de-escalated a bit, until my friend rolled back up with water for Savanna. The woman said we were not to feed her horses or be on her property and to leave. A verbal altercation ensured and she unrailed on my friend and told her to get off of her property. I was blocked in and doing my best to remain calm and peaceful. She was yelling at me to get my friend off of her property as they yelled at each other. She’s telling that she’s calling the cops. My friend says the livestock board has already been called and girl almost lost her fucking mind, and then my friend gets in her truck to leave. The woman tells me again to make her leave, as she is driving off.

I apologized for trespassing and explained why and that her horse needed a ferrier. Simple fix. The woman wasn’t as elated about this as I and told me the horse is just fine. I apologized again and gave her my business card and our for the Sanctuary and explained that my “friend” and I were from different Sanctuary’s and that we were not together. All seemed to be fairly amicable as we were parting ways. I even gave her a hug.

I went back to my clients house and did what I came to do and headed home. I hadn’t been home 20 minutes when Tamara’s and my phones started blowing up. It was our friend, and the cops had just left her house. I told her I would be right there and jumped back in the FJ and headed to her house. What in the fucking fuck?

Long story…still long, but shorter…we were not arrested. The livestock’s board has been contacted, and another friend who knows horses and her way around the mountain, jumped on board last night, to help Savanna and her friends.

Not so long and yet a lifetime ago, I was the woman with the horse, having someone tell me that my dog deserved better from me. I came unfucking hinged, Just as this woman did, and probably for the exact same reason…I was wrong and she was right…my dog did deserve more from me. I was out of alignment and out of bounds and being called on it…well I was defensive and I was angry and I was fucking wrong.

My moral to this story is that when we see something wrong, when we feel something wrong…we all have a choice. I would have happily been arrested before I would let Savanna die out there in the fucking desert with her face in the fucking dirt, barely breathing. I held Savanna and Savanna will always hold me. This will go as high and as far as it needs to go, to get Savanna and her friends taken care of. I was once the woman. I have often felt like the horse. I am just me, waking hand in hand, heart to heart with my friends. I will do what my heart leads me to do and I will not allow my old self to have been here in vain. I use the me I used to be to help those who are opening up and learning to live heart forward. And so it is.

I dedicate today’s blog to Savanna and her friends. We are working tirelessly to help you my friend. I will wrap myself around you and be with you always. No matter what happens Savanna, I love you and I will never leave your side. I slept with the horses last night and I am fucking blessed.

We must be the change or nothing changes.


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