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Gathering the nations…

Happy rainy Thursday everyone! I am so thankful for the rain. The forest got  a much needed bath and it looked and smelled so fresh driving into town this morning. We are so provided for.

I have been cleaning and purging my office and my studio since I got back home. My Moms things are scattered about my things and I desperately need to consolidate them so that I stop stumbling across them at less than opportune times.

I am finding that I want to offload as much as I don’t need and to make some space to cozy in and hibernate this winter. I feel with everything in me that this will be my time to let go and resolve. My studio shall be my home away from home and I shall complete my death to be born once again into the light. My life has felt to be an invincible winter and I sit in gratitude for the abundant blessings I have been gifted under the shroud and the weight of my circumstances. Somewhere, sometime…I chose this. I forget sometimes, maybe even for lifetimes. I am clear now…and I accept my choices and my experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

I wasn’t sure so many times if I would arrive at this transition point still intact. I wasn’t sure many times, if I would arrive at all. My own mortality has never concerned me and so I’ve not been worried…more inquisitive really. Now, I rise where I have fallen and I take the time I need to gather my bearings and my tribe for all of the amazing things coming.

I know simply because I have lived it, the truth of my immortality. I don’t think about it much and when I do, I find myself in awe of the storms I have walked through, virtually unscathed. I don’t sit on the sidelines and I haven’t used my time outs. I am here to play some fucking ball and I will always play my heart out. My life has gone into sudden death more times than I can recount…overtime is my favorite as the heart pumping adrenaline of my existence coarses through my veins, when the timer is the only thing between me and the next game. I did not come here to spectate. I did not come here to lose. I came here to bring all of you along. I believe in the good things coming. We are only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be and the lid just blew off of the proverbial top thatI have been compressed down under for four and a half decades. I invite you to come along. Let us all take hands and head directly into the eye of the storm. We are going to blow this open from the inside out. We are the fucking change. This is it. You’re it!

Have a beautiful day and never ever doubt the power inside of you to be greater than you’ve been. This moment…your choice. The past helped us to get here and it’s work is done. Until we we master letting it go, it will keep us here forever.


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