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Where did you get that mala?


Good morning everyone! Thank you for being here in the healing room with me this morning. I have someone to share with you this morning. I was recently re-acquainted, or more fairly due to my nearly constant intoxication in high school, acquainted with an amazing human being that has changed my life. We knew each other in high school, like you know people from high school…you don’t fucking know them at all. I know I had a mask for every occasion and a wall inspired by Pink Floyd, so fucking high that it was very seldom attempted from the outside. So, fair to say that after almost 3 decades, I am elated to be journeying with my dear sister Eileen. When I first received her message, I felt like an asshole because I couldn’t find her in my memory. For me that usually means one of two things…either I first repressed and have now released anyone who was mean to me or made my life hell, so I don’t recall or I do recall, very clearly those faces and not necessarily the names or vice versa. Or second, I am aware that I was a screaming douche canoe at times myself and I do not remember everyone I may have hurt along the way, and for the same reasons. I was praying that it wasn’t the latter, as I do deeply and wholeheartedly feel badly for anyone I have hurt along the way. I also spent the first 40 years of my life under the influence of alcohol, and so I am painfully aware that I did some damage. For those I have wronged, I ask your forgiveness. The further I get from the past, the less clear it is to me, as whatever it was really doesn’t fucking matter now anyway. Sitting with Eileen, she feels familiar. Old soul…previous lifetime…here now to journey together and support one another in our journeys. Everyone, please say hello to my sister Eileen. Eileen came out yesterday afternoon to the Sanctuary and she and Tamara and I had a beautiful time together. Eileen and I came down to the studio together and did some healing work together. Eileen is the second to enter the healing room in its physical form, since its transition from the place I’ve been unable to go into the place I can now not wait to go…my studio…Our Healing Room.

Eileen gifted me my malas. I was not familiar at all with malas. I read her page, which I highly encourage you to do as well, to learn about Eileen and her amazing gift of creating malas. I did and continue to do, more research on malas.

The energy and wisdom that is in each bead of each mala is beyond my comprehension. I have chosen to wear both of my malas all of the time, resting them on my Angel while I sleep. I charge my malas every morning and I soothe my soul and my nerves throughout the day as  needed, as I pass each bead through my fingers, consciously removing my ego, my index finger, each time. My malas serve as my strength and my protection, my love and my light and mostly, as an ongoing stream of gratitude for all that was, for all that is and for all of the good things coming.

I just parted with more than half of my things. I am not done purging yet. The things that remain are the most beautiful love notes and the photos…the AA chips and every note and card from my girl…marbles and driver licenses…rocks and coins I picked up along the way. My treasures are of the heart and each one has been chosen to stay with me, as I assemble and gather the nations. I travel light and I commit to gifting what has served me to the next person in need and to cease over consumerism and over consumption. My malas are my reminder that all I really need resides within me. Their stones and their heat and their energy…their infinite beauty and constant companionship that they provide around my neck are priceless. These malas are truly a gift that I could not have possibly imagined their value.

Eileen is intuitive and gifted and warm and loving and kind. I know many of you have inquired about my malas and the power and energy that they hold and so I dedicate this post to you, as a means to have your own custom made mala.  Below  is Eileen’s information.

Memory Mala by Eileen Meeks


Eileen gifts these amazing malas, to me and where they are needed. The work I am stepping into requires that many tools I will need for this, the warrior phase of my journey, be gifted to me and not purchased by me. I’ve no idea why that is, only that it is. For this reason, I ask you to gift Eileen for me and for those whom she has gifted with these malas, who cannot spiritually acquire these gifts through the trading their own money, to pay her double whatever she charges you for your mala. Eileens malas are very reasonably priced to begin with and she picks your beads and your malas energy by channeling God realized energy of her own. So even paying double, you will be paying far less than you wouldif you bought a mala on line that doesn’t have a lot of you in it. This is not because I do not have the means or the money to pay her…this is more ritual and custom and so with all of my intention, You will be gifted and Eileen will be abundantly compensated, with each custom mala that is ordered. This is my intention and so I set it forth, that you search your heart, as you realize that such a gift is actually so precious and rare that it truthfully is priceless.

Anyway, I wanted to gift each of you Eileen this morning and to encourage you to gift yourself by calling her and getting your custom mala ordered. You will thank me, as your life and your energy transform before you, within you and all around you. Please go check her out and gift yourself and someone you love, like a verb, a mala. You are welcome! Tell Eileen I said hello and thank you!


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