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What is love to me?

Good morning everyone. I am in the process of merging my blog and my webpage all into

Your patience is much appreciated as I learn how to get everything the way I envision it. I am honestly not sure exactly where you will be directed or what it will look like during this transition, so we shall find out together. Thank you for being here with me this morning, wherever “here” is.

I want to thank everyone who has reached for me. You have all helped me in ways you cannot imagine and I am forever grateful. Your calls and texts and emails have been life-sustaining for me and I thank you for the lifeline.

This morning has been a little stressful as I have been back and forth with tech support working on my blog. I am pretty novice at all things computer related and so doing this myself is a challenge for me. I am learning a lot. My frustration just overtakes me at my own unknowing of things at times. I am learning patience with myself and I am thankful.

I want to talk this morning about love. What is love? I can only speak from my own heart about this and so I will answer my own questions, as you do the same. How does that sound? Rumi knows love. I love Rumi. Part of my inspiration for love and my burning desire to love is because of Rumi. Ram Dass is love. Dr. Wayne Dyer…love. Maya Angelou and Nakho…SOJA….Love inspires me and love is who I am. Love is where I live and where I journey to and from. I would like to pause for a moment and silently thank everyone who has ever loved me, for you are my poetry.

Here we go:

What is love to me? Love to me is everything I have ever been and all I aspire to be. Love is my beginning and love will be my end into a new beginning. In every form I ever take henceforth, I choose to be love. Love is my cloak and I wear it for us all. Love is the acceptance of who and where and how I’ve been. Love may not have thrown me to my depths and yet, love is pulling me from them. Love is the reminder that I and you and you…and you…we are enough. Love is the warmth in the cold of night when hearing my own heartbeat reminds me of how much I really am. Love forgives my transgressions and love forgives you yours too. Love allows enough grace and mercy for even the least of us to rise up and become the best of us. Love gives us good orderly direction. Good Orderly Direction is GOD. Love is the glue for the brokenness amongst us and love is the hope…the only hope, of our future. Love is nothing special until you give it all away. You cannot hoard love and you cannot have to much. Loves abundance is inexhaustible and she is there even when you cannot feel her. Love brought me here and love will lead the way and guide my path.  You are love. You and I…we are so much more love than we even know. Love is our hope and our salvation and our only choice if we are to survive and prosper. Love is what we are leaving our children and our grandchildren, so we must start taking our job of loving them much more seriously. We forget and so I remind us all that love is an action word. Love is a verb. Love must be given and received and felt and known.  Love connects me to you and you to me. Love allows me to hear you, even when the words you say hurt me. love allows me to know you as I know myself and to feel for you the same. Love is Coral. Coral is love. You are love. Love is you. We are love.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you!

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