Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Let us share some happy and then let me be very clear…

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you woke up happy. I know I often have not been happy and so I wish you happiness first and foremost this morning. Happiness that you’re breathing. Happiness that you look fucking amazing! Happiness that you woke up next to someone who loves you so so much. Happiness that you didn’t wake next to someone who doesn’t love you at all. It’s your happy…and I don’t know specifically what yours is…dig deep if you must though, for your happy because happy is this morning’s meditation. Grab your happy…grab your coffee…and let’s meet in the middle and form a huge circle!

The Healing Room is full this morning and we have standing room only, so pull in closer and tighter and let’s channel some happy. Fear not…if you just could not find your happy this morning, we’ve plenty to go around. In the middle of our circle, I want everyone to go up and put in their happy…all of the happy you can muster…hold nothing back…all you’ve got…and go…fill us up…overflow us and keep it coming. Right on. Thank you everyone for sharing your happy. Now, everyone who could not find any happy this morning come into the center of the circle with me. Don’t be shy. I see a few of you hesitant…like you’re not sure if you should come up. Come on up here with me now. We have a new circle inside our circle this morning don’t we? The perfect circle!! Inside we are supported and gifted by the outside. We are ongoing and we are connect. We are surrounded and we are loved. Doesn’t that make you happy? I mean that we have one another? Having you makes me happy…even on days when I can’t reach my smile…your love makes me happy. Let these circles remind us today of the support that we are and of the support that we have all around. Everyone in the outer circle take two small steps back and spread out a bit. Everyone in the inner circle step back and into the outer circle and let’s make one big circle. Now, Let us each put our arms around one another and let’s pull in close for a group hug. Hug tight and long and loving and true everyone. Give what you’ve got and take what you need. This is how we do it in the healing room. I love you and I thank you so much for being here with me and for weathering my storms with me…for loving me and for praying for me. I fucking love you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a beautiful day! Oh wait…I do have a housekeeping note real quick;

I would like to gently remind myself and everyone else that this is Coral’s blog. I began writing in December of 2017 as a daily commitment to myself to blog, without fail for 365 days. I have blogged every single day, without fail. As December approaches, I celebrate and rejoice in my ability to honor myself and I realize I’ve only a few days left of honoring that commitment to myself to be here, Blogging every single day.

I know who has been here every day since day one and I know who is here every single day, without fail…Thank you. From the bottom of my heart…truly…thank you so much for being here for me and for believing in me. I fucking love you and appreciate you so much.

I also know that in ratio to my followers, the hits on my blog indicate that most of you are closet readers. You read religiously and you do not want anyone to fucking know. Shame on you…do what you fucking want to do man…truly…in all things…YOU do YOU. At any rate, thank you for being here. I feel you and I know you and I appreciate you. Join me though, out of the closet, would you and subscribe to my blog if it means enough to you to read it like you do. Honor you. This has nothing to do with me. I rarely look at my stats unless I’ve technical difficulties. I want you to feel that you can do you after all of our time together, you know?

And then there are so many others of you that I want to thank for being here when you are here. I truly do appreciate and feel the amazing energy that you bring when you come. I fucking love you! Thank you.

Lastly, I have some people coming to Coral’s blog like one might rubberneck at the scene of a horrific and catastrophic accident. Coming here to voyeur and to spy and to check up on and edit corals blog, as though they’ve the right to do so. I write about my experiences. I write about my life. I write about these things, these experiences, as I experience them, as that is the only perspective I have to write from. I am so careful to not use names and pictures without permission and quotes without credit. As careful as I am and as much as I care, and I do…sometimes, I miss someone. I fail to see how my experiences may occur to them, as Coral is a pretty uncommon name and ties me to people, via my experiences. For that, I will be more mindful henceforth. I will not be back-editing and I will not be editing myself in fear of how you (generally speaking and to no one in particular) take me henceforth.

I will say this too…I am writing my story. MY story on a blog with MY name. If you are looking for me…here I am. If you are not looking for me and somehow stumbled upon me…please find your way back out. This is healing space. This is a forum to honor me and my commitment to myself. Contrary to how it may look or feel to you…I promise you (again, generally speaking, and to no one in particular) this is not about you. It really is not about you. Corals blog is corals blog. I come here to write and get it all out and to heal. I write my story to heal us all. I do not and never have meant any harm in anything I have ever written about anyone. It really is that simple and so it is.

The struggle is real for each of us and so I send back to the universe what does not serve my highest good..what does not serve your highest good. And so it is. Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you!

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