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Today I humbly offer each of you your Christmas gift from me…

Happy Saturday morning everyone! I am happy to report that I have been busy following through on some commitments to myself and it feels so good! This blog is at a transitional and pivotal place right now. It is December 1st and I have honored my one year commitment to myself to blog every single day for 365 days Here within a few days, I am no longer committed to coming here. I am so thankful for how writing every day, without fail, has opened up my life…how I am beginning to really heal my past…for the lives that I’ve touched and for the countless lives that have touched mine…for my ability to be vulnerable and transparent and open and honest and raw. Coralsblog has changed my fucking life! One year, every single day coming here has given me myself. I meet you here and I look forward to being with you here. We share coffee and tears and so much love here.

Today, December 1st 2018, I commit to writing every single day, without fail, for another 365 days. I know many of you come here every single day, without fail. I thank you so much for being here since there first day I walked into this empty blog alone. I won’t lie…I was a little scared and uncertain as to how to begin, so I just began. I wasn’t sure what to write and so I just wrote. Today, our healing room is full and getting more comfortable and cozy by the minute. We are just getting started! I will not leave you now my friends! We are in this together! Thank you to everyone who openly follows me. It means a lot to me that you do. Thank you. To those of you who don’t follow me, I invite you to follow me if you wish. I would love to meet you here every morning for another year. I will be here every day and I hope you will too!

Also, please feel free to comment on my blog and to interact with me. I love comments and I would love to hear from you! As always, take what you need and leave the rest. I know for me, when I hear the end of something I’m not ready to be done with yet…I get a little sad and anxious. Don’t be sad. Don’t be anxious. We are just getting started my friends! Please kindly remember that this is corals blog and coral is writing her story. I trust myself implicitly to edit as I see fit, the content of what I write. I trust my heart and my intention and I mean no harm ever. I am here to write to get it all out…to heal…to learn and to grow. I am here to heal us all as we join hands and walk each other home. I fucking love you!

This blog truly is my Christmas gift to each of you this year. I will be spending my time and resources and energy on being and not on things. I will be celebrating my healing and I will not be purchasing gifts this year. You’ve got me for another year, every day….no matter what. Merry Christmas! I love you!