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Welcome home Asmi!!

Happy Friday everyone! I thank you for being here this morning. I went to bed last night and woke again this morning wanting to spend quiet time in sacred space. First though….WELCOME HOME ASMI!!!!!

We brought Asmi home yesterday afternoon! Asmi gently rode in the chariot that she came into the vet in the day before (our bright and cheery and ever faithful Dozer yellow Jeep Wrangler…AKA, our transport vehicle 😊) to her new life in Sanctuary at Santuario de Karuna her new home and ate some dinner, sniffed around a bit and then she walked right into her house and went night night, We said a prayer of thanks for how very blessed we are. In the middle of the night, in my bare feet, I went outside to check on her and she was cozy in her house and being protected by the bears. This morning, like it was Christmas morning as we waited for her to rise, so we could go out and greet her! We were all so happy! Asmi slurped her breakfast down with a huge smile across her beautiful piggy face! Asmi is home.

Asmi means “I am”.

Thank you to each and every prayer you sent. Thank you for the love and the donations. My work on her began this morning and will be intense, yet slow and gentle and very frequent. Several slow and loving times a day…one day at time.

If you all wouldn’t mind joining hands with me and holding space in your heart for this beautiful being who began her new life when she was picked up as a stray…loved and nurtured by animal control during her five day hold…vetted with the most loving, accommodating and healing vet care by Western Trails Veterinary Hospital…generously loved and supported by all of you, and safely transported to her forever home at Santuario de Karuna yesterday…Please say it with me and with all of your heart…”We love you Asmi! Welcome home baby girl! Welcome home! You can follow Asmi’s journey on Facebook at Santuario de Karuna. We would love to have you come on over and give us a like, if you like!

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