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Happy Saturday…I love you!

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday!

I have been so loved and so gifted by so many of you most recently. I want to say thank you…from the bottom of my heart for how you see and love me. To those of you who have unconditionally and without expectation or want of your own, gifted me, you’ve no idea how much this means to me. Truly…thank you.

The struggle is real for me. I know the struggle is real for you too. This time of year…this season…this emptiness where we once felt full…the vulnerability and uncertainty and loss. It fucking hurts, doesn’t it? The memories and the knowing of loss in a way and at a depth not known before…it fucking hurts. The hurt is the door for the healing. The pain is a Segway to the bliss. The lies allow us to feel and know and live the truth. We are divine spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. I read that in Wayne Dyer’s book and I could not imagine this to be so. Now, I know it to be so and so I share with you. If it hurts, know that it will pass. If it’s amazing…make it last. The more that we get this, the happier we become.

I love you! Have a beautiful day!

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