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We must stop waiting for someone else to fix this…

Good morning everyone! I am traversing out today! We have another storm moving in this weekend, and so we must keep moving! I apologize to my clients I’ve not seen since I’ve been snowed in. I will see you today!!! Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent and offered help. We truly do love and appreciate each of you so much! Thank you!

I have really been somewhat debilitated by all of the nasty lately. I avoid the news like the fucking plague. I have been so busy shoveling that I’ve not been on Facebook much. I prefer to not sit and watch the shit show. In between shoveling and sleeping though, I venture onto social media and I see people being blasted…friends being hurt by those they love the most, people having to cross their best friends over the rainbow bridge…imminent divorces that could be avoided with some love and humility…kids who are parenting themselves…homeless people freezing to death…transgender women being taunted, harassed and murdered…family abandonment…child abuse and neglect…I just fucking can’t!

So as I push my snow shovel around for countless hours, I rack my brain to find a way to show the world my love. I search my heart for enough momentum to kick all of this love business up a few notches. I shovel and I pray for peace. I feel the cold against my cheek and I pray for warmth for those who need it. As my feet and my body ache at night, I pray for those without any reprieve from their pain. As I go in to eat, to fuel myself to shovel some more, I pray for those without food. In my abundance, I pray for those without, that we may equalize and stabilize…level the playing field…exercise fair play…be kind and be of service. We are all just walking each other home. Not one of us will ever be whole until each of us is whole. Not one of us is truly free while any of us remain in captivity. All lives matter. Your life matters and so does the life of every other sentient being. We must understand this and respect this and change our entitlement into acts of service. White privilege all over the fucking place and it makes me fucking sick. People hurting people who we deem to be less than us and it makes me cry. A world full of hate and a fist full of love…a dark place with a tiny crack of light…a hopeless situation turned around by faith.

We have the power to be the change we wish to see in the world. We cannot do this sitting in our chairs and hiding behind our computer screens. To be the change, we must be in action. We must jump in and be of service. We must give a shit. Two shits would be nice. We must care. Plain and simple. The shroud of complacency is alarming. The total disregard for human life and for the lives of the animals we say we love…it’s astonishing. Our belief that we are better and more than is disgusting. We are tipped in the wrong direction. In our ignorance and our complacency. The majority follows the idiocy and the intolerance and the fear of the hate…hate that we say we cannot stand. When will we wake the fuck up? The ignorance, fueled and perpetuated by hate, that we have come to believe..that flies out of our mouths…is sickening! “That illegal immigrant killed a cop.” Illegal? Immigrant? Who the fuck decided this? Who is legal? Who is not? Depends on the soil you were born on, doesn’t it? It does. Native Americans can speak to this, can’t they? Well this just doesn’t suit us…let’s just take the fucking land. And hey, fuck you guys. This land is our land. And let’s write a shitty fucking song about it and teach it to our kids in elementary school. Who the fuck are we?! Seriously…who in the fuck do we think we are? We are out of bounds. We are way the fuck out of bounds.

Tamara often says, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

We need to tip this in a direction that serves the highest good of each of us. Did you know that approximately 85 people hold the majority of the wealth? Do you really think that they worked that much harder and deserve that much more than everyone else? While we drive by the homeless camps and as we cozy up in our homes at night…do we really think that they deserve nothing? We have heard and we have taught that there actually is more than and less than, in terms of living beings. The alligators mouth opens wide to the left or the right? Oh…you’re greater than and I’m less than. The alligator analogy was for math! It wasn’t intended for human beings. You are not greater. I am not less than. You are not less than. I am not greater than. There is always a tipping point. Tamara told me about it. I didn’t know until she did. We have to shift our thinking. We have to find people in those 85 or so people who want for each of us what they have. We have to seek them out and we have to ask for their help. We have to spread it out so that everyone has enough. We are mother fucking complacent. We have work to do. We must stop waiting for someone else to do it. Whatever it is…we must act. Someone should do something! Yes. Yes, someone should do something. You are someone. Do something. I am someone. What am I doing? Right now, I’m doing what I know to do. I’m writing. I’m living a life of service. I can do more. I will do more. Will you do more? We must open our eyes to the things we have turned away at. We must not be so selfish as to look away because their pain hurts us. Their pain hurts us because they are us and we are them. I am because you are. Ubuntu. And so it is.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I am off to dress cozy for work to go and brave the roads! Be safe out there if you must be out. Be warm. Be well. Be love. I love you!