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What Tombstone taught me about love…

I dedicate tonight’s blog to the first and most wonderful pig I ever met…my boyfriend Tombstone. Tombstone softened my heart and changed my life. I never met a pig before I met Tombie. I ate plenty of pigs…bacon, sausage and pork chops. I never knew my bacon had a face. Tombstone gave a face to the things I indulged on that we’re not things at all. The things I fried up in my pan and ate with my eggs…those used to be someone. Tombstone taught me that bacon has a face. Tombstone taught me that pigs feel and that pigs are smart and loyal. Tombstone taught me that pigs love and need love. I love you Tombstone. Thank you for loving me, in spite of me. Thank you for the lessons and for blessing my life with you! I am vegan for five years in March because Tombstone taught me that bacon had a face. Tombstones sister Piñon taught me that chickens have a beating heart. Thank you to Tombstone and Piñon, I am vegan now.

Dear Tombstone,

Today on our human calendar, you have been gone a year. We went to bed sad last night thinking of this day. You changed our lives through your life. You, our founding father, have changed us. Today, we speak your name.

Tombstone is the first pig I ever met. Five years ago, I got a call from my friend Tamara to ask me if I could talk to her pig Tombstone. Tamara said he had been standing in the pelting hail and freezing cold and would not go into his house. I was hungover and getting in the shower and I assured her I would get with Tombstone. Before my shower was over, I was seeing Tombstone standing facing away from his house and getting blasted. I asked him why he wasn’t going in his house. Tombstone was very clear that he didn’t know where his house was. I told him to turn around and walk inside, and he did. I wasn’t even out of the shower and my phone was ringing…”What did you say to my pig? He just turned around and walked in his house!” I told her he didn’t recognize his house and that is why he was outside. It smelled and looked different Tombie said. Tamara said there had been some work on his house…insulated and painted and baking powder put down to absorb the odor of urine and poop. Ahhh…yes…that explains it. And that was my first encounter with Tombstone.

The first time I met Tombstone, I assumed we were fast friends. I was wrong. It took a while before I could speak around Tombstone at all. I had to be escorted by Tamara. Until Tombie could trust my hands and my Reiki…we didn’t speak aloud at all.

Tombstone became one of my very dearest friends. With all of my heart, I love Tombstone. Thrown away in a dumpster for being defective, with a lame front leg…only a day or so old…that is how Tombie came in. Tamara pulled Tombstone from that dumpster and the rest is history. We lost Tombstone a year ago today. Our hearts hurt.

Thank you Tombstone, for teaching me how to love, in spite of what I learned. Thank you for teaching me what it means to me someone and not something. I miss you buddy. We miss you so much. Momma Tamara misses you the very most. Please shower her with popcorn, I mean, love…and help her sad little heart. Today hurts us without you. You aren’t in your house. We miss you. We love you. We thank you.

If you would please, say it with me, with all of your heart, “We love you Tombstone.”

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