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Good morning 🌙 moon!

Good morning 🌙 moon! Wow! Tamara alerted me to check out her splendor this morning and I’m so glad she did! The moon and a faithful star behind her? Absolutely breath taking!

Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comments on the improvements to our healing space! Your suggestions are always welcome, as you know. The paint was just a start. And sage…lots and lots of sage!

Coming here in the morning reminds me that I am not alone and also that there are no others. The moon appears to come alone and some nights she appears to have beside her, a companion, such as she does in this moment. The beauty of the moon shifts, as it does in each of us, from moment to moment. Stepping back to allow the sun ☀️ to take her place, they dance and they ebb and flow in and out. Yet, they are always ever present and supporting of one another. There are no others as Ram Dass reminds us.

This morning has been one of beautiful and much needed meditation. Prayers and healing and silence. I am really enjoying the silence! I wish you a beautiful day! I thank you for being here! I love you!