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Unexpected Sherry Lesson this morning!!!

As I sit here in the dark, awaiting the suns arrival, I am thinking of each of you. As we rise from our slumber in the darkness, into the promise and dawn of a new day, let us hold hands and stick together, shall we?

Many of you, once close to me, are distant. Your absence is noticed. The reaches stopped and the distance grew and we are not in contact anymore. The overwhelming sadness of this was once so debilitating to me that I ceased to function because of it. I have come to know that your distance was necessary for me to find my path and my way. The distance from me was necessary for you to find your path and your way also. I thank you for the time we did spend traveling arm in arm and I miss you sometimes: mostly though, I just hold on to the good stuff, so I smile when I hear your name. When you go running across my mind, I don’t chase after you anymore or try to keep you here anymore. I say a prayer of thanks for the visit and I bid you farewell, that you may be off to wherever you are to live your life on your terms. I know I’m not who you are running to and so I step back so you can pass quickly to your destination. I’m sorry if I held you here too long, not knowing how to let you go. I loved you so much that I just could not imagine my life without you in it. I release my grip, as I don’t want anyone here who does not want to be here. I can come here every day, all by myself and I’m just fine with that. I came here to heal and your presence isn’t needed. I do love knowing that many of you are still here and many more are coming. Those who have left have cleared space for those coming and I am so grateful. I do believe in the good things coming and I am so thankful for all of the good things already here!

Health problems…money problems…family and relationship issues…addiction issues and illnesses…depression and regret…we are plagued by shit that we need to chuck into the fuck it bucket, aren’t we?

May I ask you a personal question? Why do you stay in that loveless and abusive marriage? Why do you stay at that job that you fucking hate? Why do you not love yourself enough to leave what you is killing you?

Sherry is pretty persistent this morning with a lesson and so I switch gears…Sherry wants to ask you a question too, and she hasn’t asked if it’s okay…she cares not if it’s okay…Sherry wants to know what in the fuck is right with you? Wow…not a Sherry lesson I saw coming…and I’m going to go with it anyway….

Sherry asks, “What in the fuck is right with you?” What, pray tell, is right with that hot mess that you call Coral? What is right in there?

We always ask each other what is wrong, don’t we? What’s wrong? And because we are so used to answering that question, there is almost always something wrong. What if we asked each other, “What is right with you?” Instead of asking what is wrong, which is to always assume that something is wrong, maybe we could begin to ask each other “what is right with you today?”

To answer my moms question…What in the fuck is right with me? Hmmmmm…that does feel a little odd…you should try it…go ask the person in the other room what is right with them…watch their face….I love it!

What is right with me is my heart. My heart has always been right with me.

Sherry wants to know, and so do I, What in the fuck is right with you? Truly, this is something I touched on a while back and I haven’t put it into constant practice in my life…I think I shall ponder how to go about doing so. When we change the things we look at, the things we look at change.

I love you and I hope you have a beautiful day today. Thanks for stopping by Mom…I love you and I’m looking forward to hearing what in the fuck is right with everyone!

Good evening! Stay cozy!

Good evening everyone! I have been running pretty non-stop for a couple of days and life is good! I find I don’t have the time or the energy for the petty and the drama and the pain when I am busy with my own healing. I don’t have the heart for the hurt that comes with holding on to those who have released me. I am good to be free of anyone who does not want me in their life. I have so much more time and energy for those of you who do want me in your lives. And so it is.

I am pretty exhausted this evening. I am going to eat and go lie down. I know I must take care of me and right now, that means to really hold space in my outer circle, while turning toward my inner circle, to replenish and rejuvenate my spirit and my energy.

Taos and I spent all day together, for the first time in a really long time. I have been consumed with worry and left Taos “safely” at home, not having to be impacted by the depth and horror of my pain and trauma. It was so wonderful to go FJ Crusin’ all day with Baby Taos! Thank you Taos for holding space and being patient. I love you so much!

Celebrating a dear friend today for her birthday felt so nice also. I am so blessed and so grateful for all of the love in my life…for each of you. I love you! Have a beautiful evening! Stay cozy!