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Good evening! Stay cozy!

Good evening everyone! I have been running pretty non-stop for a couple of days and life is good! I find I don’t have the time or the energy for the petty and the drama and the pain when I am busy with my own healing. I don’t have the heart for the hurt that comes with holding on to those who have released me. I am good to be free of anyone who does not want me in their life. I have so much more time and energy for those of you who do want me in your lives. And so it is.

I am pretty exhausted this evening. I am going to eat and go lie down. I know I must take care of me and right now, that means to really hold space in my outer circle, while turning toward my inner circle, to replenish and rejuvenate my spirit and my energy.

Taos and I spent all day together, for the first time in a really long time. I have been consumed with worry and left Taos “safely” at home, not having to be impacted by the depth and horror of my pain and trauma. It was so wonderful to go FJ Crusin’ all day with Baby Taos! Thank you Taos for holding space and being patient. I love you so much!

Celebrating a dear friend today for her birthday felt so nice also. I am so blessed and so grateful for all of the love in my life…for each of you. I love you! Have a beautiful evening! Stay cozy!

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