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We love you Chase

Good morning everyone! Calling the angels down this morning, in all of their glory and in radiant light😎…calling all the angels!

We walk amongst the angels all day, every day. We are the angels amongst us. Without our light, where will they find the light in their darkness? Without our love, how will they ever shed their hate? Without our faith, how shall they make way to their own? Without voices, how will their cries be heard if we go silent?

My brother, you are here to be a voice for those who cannot speak, I am here to remind you that your silence is noticed. You are a mother fucking light in this darkness and I come to re-kindle your flame. I see your little flicker…struggling to stay a kindle and and so we come to light you back up.

Your pain and your rage and your despair have not fallen on deaf ears my brother. We hear your cries and we feel your anguish. Your hopelessness ignited my own passion to banish it from you! You are too fucking much to reduce yourself to so little because you feel you aren’t enough! You are perfect the way you are my brother. Your tears are running down my face brother. Your blood beats through my own heart. You’ve pointed a sword at my brother and I am here to take it from you. You have forgotten who you are and why you are here and I have come to remind you. Your sword, at your own throat? Who will you save with your throat slit at your own hand? Whose voice will you be if you cut your means to vocalize? My brother…my beautiful, beautiful brother, I have come for your sword. For if you point it at yourself, you point it at me also.

So many…so, so many sentient beings, with no voice at all need you. I need you. I love you. I believe in you. I am right here. I know you can’t reach for me now. I feel that. It’s okay…because we all come to you. We come for you my brother, as you have come for them, to remind you that you are loved, you are wanted. You are someone, not something. You matter and they fucking need you to be well. We don’t want you to fucking die my friend. We don’t want YOU to give up. Your cry for help had been heard. Angels from all realms surround you and hold you close. The animals across the rainbow bridge aren’t ready to see you just yet. They asked me to remind you that their friends here need YOU brother.

You have a choice that only you can make. I just came because the animals asked me to, to tell you that they love you and they miss you and they feel you. They wanted you to consider them in your choice. Without you and your voice…without your passion and your dedication to them, many more will die.

I love you brother. I love you so much. We all love you so much. Tamara loves you so much. We just wanted you to know. We are a phone call away and we have heard your cries. You are in our hearts and we hold you until you can hold yourself.

I ask each of you to lift my brother up in prayer this morning. My brother needs our love. He lives in his car in Berkeley, California and he lives and breathes for the animals. Could we all stop what we are doing and take a breath for Chase. With me and with all of your heart, please say it with me, “I love you Chase.” We need you buddy. They need you.

This picture and his name are used without his permission, as he is not able to reach back right now. Please forgive me brother…I’m going to post anyway, trusting my intuition, that your heart needs our love now, more than you will give a fuck about that. I will remove the post if you want me to. Otherwise, I really need you guys to look in to this guys eyes and his heart and give him all you’ve got this morning. We love you Chase. We fucking love you brother.

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