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Waking up next to baby bear…

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!

Nahko and I are getting the hang of this studio living! Last night was a good night for sure! Nahko went with Tamara and I yesterday to Santa Fe and she did great in the Jeep! We got home and she was so, so tired. Tamara and I got some time together and I am so thankful for that, as this has us seeing each other in passing. I miss my girl. Nahko is resting peacefully now and I am grateful. I know this is not easy for her…not being able to do her job and what not.

So Nahko and I spent our fourth night together last night in the studio. So strange how this blessing came disguised as a dilemma. So beautiful how life flexes and how we ebb and flow when we are willing to see things differently.

My life is in the process of examining itself a bit. My taste for things has vanished. My craving for honesty and integrity has intensified. My introspective is in progress. My desire to know me is burning. The time has come for me to release my past entirely, for all that it was and for all that it was not. All people and places…associations and traumatic triggers…all of the hopes disguised as expectations…all of the unrelenting pain…the disappointment and the disgust…all of the turmoil and trying to be someone I’m not…all of it…on its way out. People who help space and left gaping holes….released now, for once and for all. Dreams that amounted to only the days I spent dreaming them…releasing them now.

And so I turn within. Have a beautiful day everyone. I love you.