Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Thank you!

Good afternoon everyone! I just returned from my clients and thought I would check in. I just want to thank you for the testimonials! Wow! I am humbled! Please keep them coming! I am figuring out a testimonial page, which I am very excited about, so thank you!

I hope you are having a good day. Today is better for me and I am grateful. Nahko Bear is doing great and we are just watching the beauty all around us together!

Thank you to everyone who is donating to our fundraiser, signing up for monthly sponsorships of individuals here at Santuario, having bake sales and yard sales and fundraisers. Thank you for sharing us and for loving the animals so, so much! Our work here really does depend on you donating, so thank you so much! We love you and appreciate you so much! I just realized that Hondo does not have a monthly sponsor! I had no idea…Hondo needs a sponsor. Anyone want to take care of Hondo every month and sponsor him? Our mammoth donkey, retired here…and a new best friend to everyone he meets. Ya, let’s get this guy a monthly sponsor!

I was in and out of a few places today and watching people…watching people driving…in checkout lines…in aisles…we are all in such a fucking hurry, aren’t we? It’s ludicrous. I got cut off and locked my brakes down,to avoid hitting someone who just had to cross all three lanes. The time it would have taken to file an accident report and to tow vehicles is a lot longer than sitting your ass still for a quick minute. Not to mention dealing with insurance and injuries and medical bills. Man, we just need to slow the fuck down! We are in a hurry to do what? What is so important that we miss our entire lives hurrying, just to get there?

Work here at the Sanctuary is not rushed. We are not mindless and thoughtless and rushed. Being on the mountain is quiet and slower and I like it better here. And I am here for the duration with Nahko Bear. So from Nahko and I….have a beautiful evening and be kind. We love you!

Nahko Bear slumber party number 11 and counting…

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome home! I am so glad we are all here! Truly…just look at us! We fucking made it! We made it to today! How many of you thought you might not make it to today? I am so glad you never gave up! I am so happy to see your beautiful face! I love you so much!!! And for being HERE…thank you…for never giving up, thank you…for loving yourself enough to stick around and see what the fuck you are made of…I applaud you! We have fucking got this! Fuck depression! Fuck Cancer and Fuck Depression…just fuck you guys! Go somewhere else…like back to the universe, to be recycled for the greater good of us all. Be gone now…on your way…bye bye. I banish the way that these things affect, me from my life experience. And so it is!

Nahko Bear and I just had our eleventh slumber party in the studio last night. These days and these nights…this silence and this grace…this rest and reset space and time…napping with Nahko…putting everything she needs before my own…being still…and did I say silent…this time with Nahko has blessed me beyond my own comprehension, and I am so grateful. Nahko is recovering nicely and being a very good girl! We are blessed beyond measure to have the baby bears to watch over everyone here at the Sanctuary. We love you Nahko Bear and Mala Bear! Thank you for keeping us all safe!

I work with dogs and live with dogs every day if my life. This time with Nahko Bear has been different. Like two kindred souls in shared space…not canine and human…just souls…just us. I know being here with her is bringing me home to the other five dogs up the driveway. I know being apart from our family has brought our family closer together. Somehow, absence of the things we love the most, really has made my heart softer and fonder. Nahko Bear is gentle and strong and steadfast and loyal…obstinate and true to herself…guarded and wide open…serious and playful…sleepy and bouncy…and always love. There is always love radiating from Nahko Bear and so I have been bathed in love and I am so fucking blessed!

On a side note, because I love you…I want to tell you about our new soap for the Sanctuary! I just showered with our new “Karuna” soap that Earth & Anchor creates for the Sanctuary! This soap is the most amazing soap I have ever used. Truly, it is an androgynous soap and it balances masculine and feminine perfectly! This soap suits me and I thank David and Deidre for being love like a verb when they created this soap for the animals . I feel the love in this soap and being clean is a nice bonus too! The best part is that 50 % of the proceeds go to the animals. What a wonderful way to support the animals you love so much, right?! Anyway, you should get you some! I’m just sayin…sharing is caring and I want to share this soap with everyone! Off of my soapbox about our soap now 🙃

As I was saying about slumbering down here with Nahko Bear…I feel blessed. I choose to feel blessed, rather than to feel put out. I feel quiet and still and so I am quiet and I am still. I pray and I meditate and then I sit quietly and just be. I wouldn’t have allowed myself the time to do this had Nahko Bear not needed me to be down here with her. Things that we look at begin to change when we begin to change the way we look at things. Even in depression, I will ride these waves of inspiration and clarity into my own healing. And so it is. I pray for you, the same…that you may find your peace and your contentment in all things and that your heart may always be full. We are here to walk each other home and so on my good days, I’m going to blow us up as high as I can! I love you and I hope you have a beautiful day!

Oh, and we have soap! Not sure if I mentioned that or not…check us out on Facebook at Santuario de Karuna. We would love for you to be part of our compassionate community! Have a beautiful day!