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State your needs and then insist that they be honored.

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I am working through some pretty heavy stuff in my life right now. I often have no words for what I’m experiencing. I do my best to keep myself thankful and positive and moving forward. I struggle a lot with being lied to and deceived. For me, for now at least, I cannot coexist with deceit. I won’t. I don’t give a shit how bad you think your truth is…with me, your truth, whatever it may be, will always go further than a lie, in keeping me in your life. I don’t do deception. It really is that simple. Tell me the truth or keep your fucking mouth shut, or we cannot continue. I won’t compromise me if you won’t be authentic and real and true.

I don’t want gold. I sure as fuck won’t accept fools gold in its place. If it’s not real, I don’t want it. If it’s not love, loving, kind, compassionate and true…please keep it to yourself. Truly, this is not up for debate or discussion…this is me asking for what I need. I need real. I need true. I need love. I need loyalty. I need honesty. I need integrity. I need drama free. And so it is.

I hope you all have a beautiful day! I’m off to clients and I am thankful. Stating our needs is the first step in attaining our dreams. State your needs and insist that they be honored. That’s today’s practice for me. I love you!!!