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If you can’t speak it with your lips, be careful sending what you type with your hands…

Happy Sunday everyone! Rise and shine! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Today is the only day of your life that you can do a damn thing about, so let us begin with today, shall we? I shall! I invite you to join me!

When I was younger, we went to church on Sunday morning. Sunday school, church and youth group. Sunday was that day…a day to be with God…a day to be with friends…a day of worship and reflection. Being in church introduced me to a God that makes sense to me. God, as I understand him…is my absolute highest self. God is an acronym for good orderly direction, as Tamara reminds me. God is everything…all things…to me, God is not a he or a she, a you or and I…God is not outside of me. I am not outside of God. Often out of alignment, and yet never outside of God, as I understand her. The relationship with God, for me, began before I arrived here. The church reminded me of it. The church and it’s meaning for me have dissolved. God though, God is with me always. So, on this Sunday morning, in my own Sanctuary, nestled in the woods, I commune with God, as I understand him. I laugh with God as she holds me close and loves me through the depth of my despair. To believe in someone, something, greater than and outside of and more than yourself…to me, that is to believe in God, as you understand her. I speak of this today because I am reminded of how blessed I am, to have been introduced to God. Whatever God that you do or not believe in yourself, that is none of my business. That is between you and God; right? I have no expectation, no judgement, as that’s not mine. I am learning to take my hands off of what is not mine. Your faith, religion, spirituality…that is yours. Your sexuality, your politics…yours, not mine. We each have a right to our own opinions and ideas and beliefs. Wouldn’t you agree? If we each have the right to our own, then it also stands to reason, that we do not have the right to deprive others of their own, right? Do you know that social media does not change the fact that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions and ideas? Hiding behind your screen does not make it okay for you to walk all over other peoples thoughts and beliefs and ideas. Somehow, having to say something, in person, with your voice and not your finger, seems to really shut people the fuck up, doesn’t it? Having to pick up the phone and call, instead of texting, seems to make it a lot more confrontational. Do you know why it feels more confrontational? Because it fucking is more confrontational and you won’t fucking do it, and so you text instead. Chicken shit…just sayin. And what the fuck does chicken shit have to do with anything, really? What a ridiculous saying. I shall search for a new one, in place of chicken shit. For this moment though…I’m just saying that if you can only type what you’re saying, and you aren’t “saying” it, with your voice or in person, maybe you want to look at why that is? Maybe if you can’t “say” it and speak it with your voice, a good pause is in order. I speak from my own experience. It has become a practice for me. If I can’t say it…speak it…I don’t text it or type it in email either. Your words hurt. Your texts, void of emotion and body language and actual contact…they wage wars. Unnecessary and violent wars that can easily be avoided, simply by being the same person behind your little fingers and thumbs that you are behind your busy little lips. Make sense? I thought it to be a great lesson, and so thought I would pass it on! Have a beautiful Sunday! I love you!